Sunday, December 28, 2008

yo..i downloaded my lovely lee hom's latest album

Yes..finally, i managed to listen to the songs of the wang lee hom's latest album. though not all i have least i have 8 songs with me..well, this album quite good. i love the songs..i love the song "xin tiao" the most..very lovely and romantic. if someone sing the song in front of me, surely nice..haha..just kiding, day dreaming now. haha..tomorrow i gona start to have my class d..8am class, means i have to wake up at 7am. hm..i have a very long time never wake up so early d..kinda of sad. i have not prepare to go to class yet..i am still like in the mood of enjoying..hehe..i hope my sem break will restart and i need not go to class. but i know it wont happen.haiz..hehe..these two days i always online due to my college has the wi-fi system in our rooms nice..i love it.hehe..

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I am back to UM again..

After 1 month d..I am back again to this place where i fight hard for my dream. It's kinda of sad and tired. Sad in the sense that i have to leave my beloved family and live alone here. I miss home!!! I really miss every thing in my house. I didn't tell my mom eventhough she called me just now. I pretended I am alright all the while. Deep in my heart, I am home sick. Really home sick... I miss my mom, my bro and my sis. I don't really wana come back. But I have to. what to do? Tired..Why am i so tired?As usual, once i back to my room, i have to clean it as it is super duper dirty as it has been more than a month i am not here..haiz..just finished clean my room..mop,sweep,rearrange my things..finally..haiz..i miss home..super miss home..haiz..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Going back to University tomorrow..

I don't really want to go back to College actually. It has been more than 1 month i have my holiday and i stayed in my hometown. I have a lot of fun time with my family and friends here. I have organized 1 camp, help to organized 1 camp and attended 1 camp. it's really nice to have such camps which help me to improve myself a lot either physically or mentally. I love to organized camp. Well, time passes so's so fast 1 month had gone. i have to go back to my own room in college again to face the wall. Haiz..though i miss the people in college,yet i feel so sad to leave my house to go back to college..further more 1 of my roomate had move out cause she has transfered to UTAR in, my room is emptier than before..haiz..anyway, i am glad that i still have another roomate who will share with me the happy and sorrow in college..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008's Christmas ..well, this year, my Christmas wasn't that special or what sort ever. It's just a simple one. I didn't celebrate Christmas actually. I wasn't that keen to celebrate it. But, i still celebrate it when friends call me to. So, this year, as usual, I am celebrating with my PBHP gang. This year a bit special, we celebrate Siew Ling's birthday together though her birthday is on 29 of December. We had our dinner at Poh Long at 6pm. Then, we moved to Mc.Donald in our town, we have our celebration with siew ling. At the same time, we have gift exchange session. I gave my present to Peiwen, while Prada, Small Gan gave me his present. Well, after that, kinda of sad as i have to leave earlier. I didn't mean to leave earlier. But, my mom want me to do so. I knew that she is worrying about me. But, I know how to protect myself and i know when is the limit for me. She used to treat me like a small child. I have grown up. I doesn't mean that I am big enough to fly out from your care. What I meant is I have my own group of friends and I know what is the limit. I just hope that you can give me some space and some freedom. I know that you have gave me freedom. But, can it be even more free than now? I don't know how to talk to you. Because of this, I kept on reject my friends' invitation to any gathering.I know that i cant join them for the whole slot and it's really very troublesome to allocate the time to suit me where i have to go back earlier. I felt sorry to my friend too. Sometime, i have some friends complaint to me that they don't like to call me out cause i will reject or i will go back earlier. what to do?i have to do so. I really don't know how to do sometime. Family i put as priority, i do need friends too.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Metta Camp...

wow..this is the 2nd metta camp that i have joined. The 1st time i joined was 2 years ago. That was the 1st ever Metta Camp in PBHP. well, this year, still the same, Bro. Wong Tin Song is the conductor of the camp. I love the way he conducted the camp. However, this year, may be i joined the camp half way where i went to KL before i joined in the evening where the camp started in the morning, i felt that the camp is a little bit different and not as good as the first camp i joined. I don't know what is the reason.

well, i guess many of you might think, what Metta Camp is..Well, just to tell you all, metta camp is a medidation camp for youths. Metta means loving kindness. In this camp, we mostly practised Metta Bhavana-- a kind of meditation method where we send our good wishes to ourselves and to those we know and we love. it's a good practise of mindfulness too. I found that i was lacking mindfulness nowadays. Hope i can practise metta bhavana in my future life.

However, this time, may be there is some participants who do not take it very serious during the meditation section and also the talk by all the speakers, the magnetic field spoilt. So, i felt like the feeling is not as strong as the previous camp. Don't know other will feel like that or not.
well, i love the cooking of Bro. Jerry. Nice food.haha..and the way he speak and joke. he is really a great Mr. Bean in Metta camp..haha..
not forget also, sis. Poh and sis. Barbara, who are so kind and cute. Oh ya..our prof, Bro. Ooi..he is really genius, all the scientific name of plants he memorize..GENG.haha..
Again, i have learnt a lot of good methods to do meditation. I love it.but duno why i cant sit for a long time as i have hurted my back bone before. hmm...this make me cant concentrate during meditate..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Family trip to Pangkor Island...

Wow..i just back from Pangkor Island. After a super duper tired Prefect camp, finally, my brother and I have a nice rest which we have a 3 days 2 nights family trip to Pangkor Island. This time, I am no longer stay in a cheap resort, perhaps, we stayed in a 4 stars resort named The Pangkor Island Beach Resort which was Pan Pacific for years ago. We departed from Teluk Intan exactly on 10am by bus. we reached Lumut around 12pm and we took 1.45pm ferry to Pangkor. Phew..finally, we reached the resort. well, it's an isolated island. very nice island. I have been here for more than 10 times since i was young. I treated it as my second home as my parent used to bring me there twice a year during my childhood. anyway, after my dad passed away, then i don't have the chance to visit there so often d.I love pangkor' s really my second home where i feel the familiarity once i stepped on it.. That's the feel i love. I felt like my father is around me ...nice...i miss love you...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prefect Camp..

Wow..i just came back from a prefect camp. might find that it's weird that i am still attending a prefect camp. Don't worry, i am not the organizer and i am not the participant neither. I went back to serve as a senior. Haha... I was with them started from the preperation works. I learnt the camp theme song together with the AJK, I went to clean the school together with them. It's like, i am one of the AJK. HAha..though i am 20 years old, yet i am mingle with 16 years old peopler.haha..we have no gap...

The preparation day is on last saturday. We went to school to clean the camp site. Though i wasn't happy with the attendance of the AJK that day, I felt great as my bro, the camp leader, managed to carry out his duty as a leader quite well. He has grow up a lot mentally and physically. Well, this time, there were many "first time" happened in this prefect camp. This is the first time where the prefect board has to share the space of the school with band as both of them were having their annual camp in the same time. THen, this is the first time where the canteen in black condition where the fius was broken.This is the first time to have a stage which had a hole in the middle. This is also the first time with only 27 participants and 18 committee members where the ration is almost 1 to 1.So, there are a lot of first time in this camp. I was happy that my brother manage to overcome all the stuff all by himself.

I was happy to see all my juniors trying their very best to perform in the camp. I have seen a lot of improvement in the committee members and the participants as well. They have did a very good job to achieve their goal. I was happy that the talks during the camp were successful where both speakers are my best friend. Kooiling and CHee Kee. They inspired me a lot. Hope they inspired those prefect too. I am so happy and glad to meet with my old friends here where we decided to organize the Prefect board alumni. I have been elected as the vice president of the alumni. Hope that i manage to do my job well
This prefect camp is so nice. Hope my juniors will continue their great work for the next few years. Gambateh!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wow..child really grow up so fast..

it has been 5 months i didn't meet with harn yan and her baby, Hivan. i met them again. Haha..Well, Hivan grew up a lot. Wow..can you all imagine, he is just 5 months old, but he is 10kg's really a huge baby.haha..anyway, he is still so cute and chubby. Love to be with him where he will smile and hyperactive..haha...he is so cute..really..while harn yan, not much different..but she became slimmer d..hmm..must be take care of Hivan, just imagine, she has to bring along a 10kg things everyday.hmm..Harnyan, a gread hug and kiss to you..mUAKSSSS>>>....
well, here wana tell my bos, ooi..bos..i really terkejut when i knew that you sent to hospital cause hyou sick d..hmm..scare me ler...take care ye...hope to see you soon..


Thursday, December 11, 2008

My result of my 1st year,1 sem...

Hmm..kinda disapointed with my result. I actually aimed to get a CGPA of 3.5 in this sem. But, i just managed to get 3.49. Really disappointed with my result..i should have get a better result. But due to i was too relax during the study week and never put much efforts into my study during the first sem, so, it's a kind of punishment for me to let me knw that i have to pay more attention on my study and work harder...Fight for the next sem..go go kai chur.. jia you!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

KL trip Photo..

My latest Photo..just permed my hair yesterday...
I have permed my hair..nice?

my new hairstyle..
Salty cappuccino that i mentioned in my blog
I love this cute picture so much...hehe..cute..full of imagination
in Mid Valley..with the Christmas decoration
Christmas coming soon, in Times Square
This picture is taken in the Star Hill, Small Gan asked us to post like this
At Star Hill, nice view..we love..
At Star Hill too..i love the scenery...
with the artist of the gallery that we went to.. With the the gallery..
Santa Claus is coming to town... With siew ling at Times Square...
With Small Gan...under the cute tree with cute post..
with Kwan Yee...Siao Kow..hehe...
We stay together under one roof for 1 night.. TOgether we are..a FAMILY we are..
Upper line from left: Winnie, Eng Hong,
Met with my friend..TEE LEE in the 称赞如来..
That's how we slept..nice...but aircond..too cold..
With the broad caster in the show..

With Ying Chien lao da...nice...
with ying chien lao da, joo huat and saw koon after the show..
A family we are...Teluk Intan-ist

with Pu XIan Pu Sha...he really look like the real Pu Xian Pu Sha
Before enter the Show...nice...
The Ticket...
nice wall paper...rite?
With Siew Ling with her mushroom soup ...
Times Square....
Times Square...

Mid Valley.....

Monday, December 8, 2008

KL Trip...

6 Dec 2008, is a day where I have a big event to attend. What is the important event? Hmm… I will tell you later. I took 7a.m bus from Teluk Intan o Kuala Lumpur with Siew Ling, Kooi Ling, Small Gan, and Terk Wah. 5 of us reached Kuala Lumpur at around 10a.m. We took Metro bus 99 to go to the Mid Valley. Hmm…Mid Valley again. I had been to Mid Valley for many times since I entered UM. Anyway, this time, it’s totally different. WHY??? It’s because, I went to Mid Valley with my best friend from my hometown this time. Haha…We went to see something that Small Gan and Terk Wah want to buy. While me, I went to buy the swimming suit and swimming trunk that my brother and sister needed. Then, we had our lunch at Sushi King, my favorite food. Haha… With my membership card, we have 20% discount, so 5 of us just spent less than RM100. Hmm…unbelievable? Believe it! Haha… Then we went to buy ticket. What ticket? Movie… We planned to watch BOLT… It’s Saturday, so, we have to take a very long time to buy the ticket. It’s 1.00p.m. We have bought the 2.10p.m. tickets. So we have around an hour to shop our heart out. Terk Wah was attracted to the Nike shop. So, he went in to have a look, window shopping as he is not afford to buy. Then, he came out from the shop; he never noticed that we followed him. He phoned Siew Ling, we cheated him that we were in the PDI shop at the first floor. We followed him, he really trusted us. Hmm… Terk Wah, you really easy to be cheated. Haha… Well, we have our movie then, a very nice and cute movie. BOLT, is the best cute and nice movie. I love the dog, Bolt, it is so cute. I highly recommended everyone of you to watch the movie, it’s really fun, and meaningful. Not to forget, we managed to bring in the junk food that we bought from Jusco into the cinema. Haha… Clever, right? Then, we met with Hoay Hoay, and we have our dinner in Mid Valley then went to PGRM to watch the Buddhist musical show. At first, I was thinking just to support my friend, Saw Koon and Joo Huat who also take part in the show. But, after I watched the show, I felt that it’s very worth to pay RM 40.for the show. I have a nice chat with Saw Koon too. I was touched by the show. My tears rolled down when the sangha brought the pagoda to give to those who donated a big amount of money to support the show. Then, I dropped my tears again when Joo Huat performed, when he read the dialogue. Really nice. I have learnt a lot from the show too. I have learnt more about 普贤十大愿。Thanks to Joo Huat and Saw Koon, you both had done a great job and both of you really sacrificed a lot. Muaks to both of you!!!! At the night, we slept at the Bodhi Workshop at Petaling Street with Kwan Yee they all. A very nice place to stay. Oh ya, we have our supper together, well, I didn’t eat as I had promised daddy to keep fit. Thought I just managed to lose 1kg so far, I will try my best to lose more weight. During supper time, we have created a great name for Terk Wah, that is Wood. He is so blur and always catch no ball in our conversation, so we decided to call him Wood. Haha…
7 Dec 2008, woke up at 8.30am in the morning. I took a bath then we went to have our breakfast. Then, we went to Times Square. Well, at first, we planned to go to Star Hill to see the art gallery by Madam Suzanna. However, Hoay Hoay was attracted to the first day cover sold in the Times Squar. So, we went to snap photo and bought books while waiting Hoay Hoay to get all the things done. I bought 3books which cost RM60.50. hmm..this month I have bought around RM 200 something to buy books.Next, we went to the Art Gallery, nice, the bears were so cute. I love the bears so much and not forget also, the glasses and art that produced really nice. I hope to buy all of them. Unfortunately, I have no money. Haha…The gallery placed at the top floor of Star Hill, then there is a time piece show at the ground floor and first floor of the Star Hill. We went to have a look too. I saw a very very very nice watch which cost RM 3700000. well, I love the watch. But when can I buy it? Haha…We took a lot of photo in the Star Hill, there are a lot of nice scenery. I love it. It’s very artistic. I love the way they decorated the place. I love it. After that, we met Kooi Ling at Times Square. I met with my friend, Rongcuin. What a surprise that I will met her in Kuala Lumpur. Then we have our dinner at the food court in Times Square. I bought a plate of fried rice with lemon sauce .chicken. I bought a cup of cappuccino too. Was thought that I will have a very nice dinner with my favourite food. But, I put the salt in stead of sugar into the cappuccino accidentally. So, I have a cup of salty cappuccino which is so memorable and nice. Before we departed to back to Teluk Intan, we met with Wei Fong, Chu Jie and Lay keow in times square. Finally, we departed at 7pm from KL. We cracked a lot of jokes and nice memory during the journey. We love it. I reached home around 11pm. Thanks to Siew Ling, Kooi Ling, Terk Wah, Hoay Hoay and Small Gan for giving me a great trip. Thanks a lot.. I love you all.

Friday, December 5, 2008

uploading latest photo..

My dear friend....finally, i updated my latest photo..just some,due to the slow turtle wil update later..

Final briefing from kwan yee..
Small gan and i, nice to knw you,small gan

old friend...chee hoo and i

4 best partners forever, nice knowing you all and work together..

i make up for "her", pretty, right?jealus....even prettier than me..haiz..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2Dec and 3 Dec...

2/12/2008--Confusing day...
today, is a very confusing day for me. Well, woke up early in the morning, accompany mother to go to bank to settle some stuff. Then, went to a gathering with my group member during DYC at KFC. Wow, it's so nice to meet with them after the camp. We cracked a lot of joke and shared a lot of funny incidents during the camp. Hmm..i felt that i am even closer with them now compared to during camp. WHY? mayb be during camp i am too fierce and i forced them to speak in English.'s a warmth and nice time to gather with them. at night, i have a mission with YB(yang blur-blur), Yin Hsia and siew ling. Hmm..what is that?it's to celebrate my twins sister, PeiWen's birthday! hmm..though her birthday is on 4 dec, she has to go to the Penang on 3 dec. so, we have our celebration earlier. We gathered in my house and we bought a cute pillow with cute giraffe on it. Then, we have a cake, a mocha cake. Ahem..our mission started on 8.30pm...YB, fetch us to Pei Wen's house with his BMM(big mouth man).haha..we stopped our car opposite to peiwen's house. so, i went down to call her out while Siew ling they all preparing the candles and the cake. I waited so long but they not appeared at all. Hmm..what happened?lucky pei wen's brother, yong hao came out and called peiwen to go into the house. So, i went to check what is happening. OMG!!guess what, the lighter that our "brilliant" YinHsia brought not function at all. Hmm..thanks to the brilliant YinHsia. haha...So, to overcome all the "incident", siewling had to "borrow" candle light from the temple next to peiwen's house.'s a "great experience" that we have. Haha..OMG,Peiwen came out again.haiz..i have to go there and stop her for a moment while waiting them settle the candles. then, finally, they appeared with the candle and cake. we sang birthday song to her at the road side. haha..then, we went into her house to eat the cake and in the same time forced peiwen to show us her BF's photo. However, we failed to do so. secret. After that, we went to LANA for the 2nd round and met with JaySern.
It's happy to know that my best friend has her own BF d..But, i felt a bit sad. Not because of she has a BF, but is because, i thought of someone else. that make me feel so sad. but the memory is sweet though.I have not success in my relationship with him,instead, i broke the relation myself. with my own hand. I told my senior bout my feeling after that, he told me that he felt so sad and his mood affected by me. I'm sorry bout that. But, why i will affected your feeling while others will not affect you?can you tell me why?Oh ya..the someone message me that he bought me a chocolate during the trip to Labuan. Hmm..i am so happy.Really, i am happy.

3/12/2008---exciting day..
Today, woke up early in the morning, just to be the driver for my brother. Hmm...i have to fetch my brother to school and to his friend's house to have meeting. Hmm...then i have to send lunch to them. While i reached there, i was shocked with what they have done. Hmm..still childish. not matured at all.The things could be done in a simpler way they don't want. Lucky, i went in. Help them to solve all the problems. I faced the laptop for an hour to rearrange the things in the booklet for them. my eyes almost dropped. but, as a senior, i have to help them. haha...
then, at night, i have my dinner with my "aiya" brother, KaiYang and his sister, kellie. Hmm...she is so cute. I love her so much. and Kai yang, did change a lot after been to sarawak. Hope he will change to be better after all.. Thanks for your treat, kaiyang. Hmm..u have to treat me as u owe me..haha...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sing K...6 hours bus trip...smiling moon...

yesterday, i had an enjoyable day. I met with my primary school's friends. We met up in the K-box of my hometown. we sang from 12pm till a long time. But, we sang a lot of we sang half then skip the songs to another one.. so, we have sung many half songs.haha...anyway, we enjoyed so much....i love the time... with jenq horng during sing K, i went to klang with my grandma at 10.30am. just to escort my grandma to klang cause my aunt is going to bring her to singapore this thursday. Anyway, to avoid my aunt worried bout me, i decided to take 2pm bus to come back instead of 7pm, today is the 1st time i sit in the bus for 6 hours...haiz...buttok pain...super pain....

taken in the bus with my tired face my tickets,from ti to klang and

klang to ti

tonight, the moon is so special. there is a smiling face...nice....but i couldnt snap the wasted..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DYC 2008

Wow…has been a very long time I didn’t upload my news on blog. Was busy with 16th DYC since I back from UM last Monday. Though it’s quite tired. It’s a great experience for me. This is the first time I become a mentor in Youth camp. I was the mentor of children camp before. So, this is a quite new experience to me. To handle a group of youth is totally different from controlling a group of children. Thus, I have learnt a lot this time and gained a lot of new experiences.
The 16th Dhamma Youth Camp (DYC) started from 19 Nov 2008. The day before, we, as the committees entered the camp earlier to do some preparation before camp and meeting too. I came back to this camp is because they lack of manpower. I grew up from this camp. I started to keep in touch with Buddhism from this camp. So, I am back to serve in this camp. This is the first time I become a mentor. It’s quite a challenging task for me. Apart from want to serve in DYC, I come back to this camp is to support my dear friend, Siew Ling who used to have us as a team to work together. But this time, she work alone. So, we come back and support her.
Well, the first day of the camp. As usual, 1st day usually is the coldest day among the other days of the camp. I tried to break the ice among my group members. I actually did it. My group members started to warm up after the talent night preparation time. I was so glad that they have warm up. That’s what I hope and what I want to see. I am lucky enough to get a group of youths that can mix around easily. Yes, that’s indeed a good experience for me as I am the mentor for the first time. The program for the first day, well, kind of boring. Started from the “Am I a Buddhist” it’s a boring thing which repeated from years to years. I have heard all those things for 6-7times repeatedly. Wow..i can imagine, why those participants don’t like it at all. Then, we have dynamics1 where Hoay Hoay conducted a game of team building. But those participants were still young and not matured yet. So, they couldn’t get the hidden meaning. They just complained that it was too boring…Well; happy time came at last, LUNCH time... Have a long time never have my lunch in PBHP. So nice, aunties cooking still the same. So tasty. Haha...Then, we have our talent night preparation 1 Lucky, my asst. Mentor, Joo Keat helped me a lot in the preparation, so I just have to tell them what to do and train those singers. Life so easy…Then, Sports and Games in the Dhammachaka hall. Well, this time is the bidding contest where every group is given RM10000000 as their money. They have to bid for the item that they want with the money provided. Well, I considered it as a fun game but the hidden meaning not really reach to those participants yet. What a waste… Well, photo shooting section. It took quite a long time. Yet, the photo is nice. Berbaloi… Then, followed by the opening ceremony. Very nice and touched by the talk of Rev. Thank you Rev. I have learnt a lot from the talk. Night time, ya, it’s time for sharing. Glad that my group members tried their very best to speak in English. Night time. Meeting going on for the committee. Phew…1 day over.
The second day, nothing special but I do learn a lot from the slots which conducted by Bro. Oh and Dr. Tan. These slots really gave me a lot of inspirations. Hmm…the most happening is the safe n sound workshop which conducted by Bro. Victor Ooi and friends who came all the way long from Kedah. I learnt a lot of self-defense technique from this slot. And crap a lot of joke too…haha…They are such a great team. We have nothing to give them as a sign of appreciation, we just performed an action dance which we learnt this afternoon—Gemuruh. Guess they enjoyed it very much. However, while doing the action dance, me, the lead dancer, who stand in front was caught with a shock when one of the “funniest” committee member appeared in front of me out of sudden. Haha….guess those committee who stand with me will know who is he.
Third day, the highlight of the camp-- The talent nite. Well, I was hoping someone to come and support. But he did not turn up. Haiz…what a sad thing… I really hope to see him just once. Just to know that he is supporting me. But, I search from high and low; I could not find his face. What a disappointment. Anyway, my group, Kondanna did a great job that night and won 2nd runner up. I was so happy…Within so little time, they managed to do so. I am so happy and glad of them…Kondanna the best!!! They have put in their effort to do their best. I still remember when Angie managed to utter out the line “confirm,3 times confirm plus 2 years waranthy” I clapped my hand and tears shed in my eyes. We have practiced that for thousands of times but can’t make it at all. When on stage, she managed to do so. So happy. Kondanna really the best.
The forth day. The last night in the camp. In the morning, we have a treasure hunt. Well, I was in charge in YB’s group. I have to take care of them. They have to go to the Rumah Mesra. One of the old folk’s home in Teluk Intan. Once I stepped into the old folks’ home, I was attracted to a grandmother who sit near the main entrance. I chose her to chit chat with. After some time, my “kai leong” or god mother came. She was surprised to see me there and me too. She asked me, how do I know that her mother is here. I was shocked when I knew that the grandmother that I talked with just now is my god grandmother. Oh My Godness. I could not recognize her as she grew thinner and she become so old already. I can’t believe my eyes. So, I have a long chat with my god mother and my god grandmother. I did massage for her. Hope she can go back to her house soon. Once she can walk, she can go back. PoPo, jia you!!! Then, we have our treasure hunt. Well, have a lot of fun but tired. Once we reached PBHP, we have a nice nap together in the Dhamachakka hall. Then, we have our cooking time. Yea, though I didn’t help much in this programme as I was having a great migraine and I slept in my room. My group managed to cook a great tomyam fried rice and also the muffin. I love the food very much. Good Job. Then, it’s my task to bring in a slot where I have to cool down their emotion after 1 day of excitement. I have to cool down them so that they can really pay attention during Kooi Ling’s gratitude night and endless night. I have introduced them 2 songs which I love the most, My beautiful friend and Brahma of my heart. Oh yes, I managed to cool them down. And they really did touch by those songs. Yeah…finally, mission accomplished. That night is a touching night. Everyone dig their hearts out. Is a great success and it did get good feedback from participants. Great job kooi ling. Well done.
Finally, the camp ended. Phew…having a real tough time to make this a complete camp. However, it’s over and it’s done. Thanks to all the committee and adults. Not forget also, the participants.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

this is what i ate yesterday..hehe...

Yen n i..eating golden nice..

with jared.but why he stand so far away?

hmm..what happen to june?

TESL-ian (girls..)

15/11/2008 -the day where my 1st year 1st sem ended officially...

Though it is 16 november today, i am just free to drop my feelings in my blog. Was busying with packing my things inside my room. Hmm..a lot of things to pack and bring back. Anyhow, i managed to stuck all the things into a bag and tomorrow, i am going to bring 1 luggage, 1 laptop bag and 1 small bag which i put in my bedshed and pillow case and also my blanket. Guess it is not too much..
Hmm...hope to write something happened yesterday. WOW!!! Yesterday was my BIG day. Fu-Yoh! Yesterday was the final paper of my 1st year 1st semester final examination.Very happy and yet felt so lonely and helpless. WHy helpless? What am I going to do next? that was the question that ran through my mind yesterday as i finished my last paper. Though i became frozen in the DTC when the exam going on, i felt my blood freeze and my hand numbed. I don't know how but once i looked at my watch, i knew that the time running so fast, i have no time to think about my blood and my hand. i have to concentrate on my paper. "dik-dok-dik-dok"time passed so fast. When the invigilator announced that times out, I sighed with happiness. OH YES!!!finally, it's over!!!
After the exam, we went to MidValley. THis is the 1st time TESL-ian go out together.We have 9 people altogether. We have Melissa, Shin Yen, Zhong Weng, Leslie, June, KeSin, Jared, Fei Mian and me. We went for our dinner at SuShi King. Hmm..i spent RM 17 for my dinner. Walaueh..if i know earlier that my kai jies they are going to mid-valley and have their dinner, i will go to eat with them..haha..guess will be much more cheaper. then, we seperated. I went to buy my swim suit and the magic cube that my dearest brother insisted me to buy. Hm..finally i found one swim suit that i love but yet, cause i have too much of fats, so it's really not nice at all. However, i brought it back. Hope it can stimulate me to put down my body weight during the 1 month sem break. Haha...Then we went to watch 10 promises to my dog. Fu yoh! that is the movie that i longed to watch so long ago. Finally, i watced it. It is so touch. I love the story line. Once again, i think of my family. My beloved mother and my siblings. I should spent more time with them. I have no regret that i planned to spend my sem break together with my family members. In the same time too, I think of my daddy. I missed him a lot and a lot. THough he had leave me for a long long time, and i have used to the condition without him, Yet, i will miss him once a while and hope to hug him. Where is he and how should i hug him?I really hope to hug him...that has been almost 10years i never hug him...
Well, after the movie, we took a RM12 taxi to get back to Za'Ba. Oh my God, it is 3 times the price of the fare we used to take during day time. Hmm...those taxi drivers really pandai kill people. I know they do this for their savings so that they can have more money to spend. But it's really too much. If RM10 is ok lar..huh!but what to do?so late at night, really have no taxi. Forced to take expensive taxi then..
I slept around 2am then woke up at 12pm today. happy...but sleep too much make me feel so dizzy. Hmm...may be i have a long time never sleep so much d...haha..i guess so. I am so happy cause i have finish reading my novel. "my best friend's Girl". this is the first time i finish read an English book that i bought. First ever time. I love it..
have to go...tomorrow 11am i am going back to TI. OH YES!!so happy...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

hmm..last paper coming...fight for it..

Just finished the exam of the papers Writing about Literature which i think is the hardest paper that i sat in this sem(not known yet as i still have a paper yet)and PJK. PJK was great as what we spotted came out exactly. So, i answered with confident. GUess, this is the only paper that i have the most confident. Then, in the evening, Chee Kee phoned me and asked me to a dinner and in the same time, meet his sister in law--Lee Eng. I have a long time have not meet with Lee Eng, almost 7 months i guess. So, it's really a great news that came on time. I can relax myself and in the same time meet with an old friend besides have a ride on Chee Kee's new Honda Civic. great it was. After the dinner, Chee Kee, Chee Aun and Lee Eng brought me to the Elken Training Centre in Kuchai Lama.

Wow..i had a nice seminar last night at Elken training Centre at Kuchai Lama. Thanks to Chee Kee who brought me there. At first, i thought it will be just be an ordinary dinner with Chee kee, Chee Aun and Lee Eng. But, it turns up to be a seminar at Elken training centre where i first time been there. The title is about how to manage a group in Elken. Though i not started to be a direct saler of Elken yet, i found that the seminar is really usefull in every aspect of our lives. i have learnt how to organize a group. Besides, it broden my view in Elken. A great job oppotunity. But, i have no time now as i have to concentrate on my study. So, is a NO for me to try that. However, i have planned to take up the job after graduate. haha...

THen, around 11.30pm, Chee Kee fetched me back to UM. Thanks to Chee Kee cause fetch me all the way home and helped me find cake for my friend's birthday.

When i reached college, it's around 12am. Hmm..we celebrated Zhong Weng's birthday together with the marbel cake that i bought from 7-11 and lollipop as the candle. I guess that was the most special birthday cake that we have ever see. HAHA..thanks for my creativity. Hmm..suddenly proud of myself. HAHA..ngek ngek...
Well, today, supposingly i have to finish study Pn.Norini's paper, Methodology in Literature class. but i not finish yet. mood to touch the notes. Don't know why. may be this is the effect of last paper. haha...Today got a big big big bad news where my dear Dr. Rashid who had promised to let us know about the result of our final today doesnt put up the result. What the...i hate lar...huh!..lucky i clever, ask him before i walk there. if not i will waste my energy to walk there for NTH...huh!
oklar.gona study d...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

it's going to end 1st year 1st sem


IVEUR..what kind of language and what does it mean? IVEUR is a blend of 5 words. I LOVE YOU KAI CHUR. This name was given by someone whom I loved so much and who was the one that I never appreciate at all. Well, why suddenly I thought of the name which disappeared in my life for 2 years? All because of my linguistic lecturer, Dr.Rashid. I just studied about the word coinage in my linguistic which I have to use it in my exam today. I learnt it and it makes me think back of the name. IVEUR This name, Iveur, I love it since the day he gave me. Anyhow, I never appreciate it. Just because of I was too scared of my mother who doesn’t like him since the first day we went out for a date, neither now my mother like him I guess. I decided to let go the relationship. For me, family is more important than other. But now I regretted. Anyway, it has been over for a long time. He has his own girl friend and quite close as well. While me, still remain single and available. Haha…what to do? Too fat and ugly…I was thinking, if that time I never let go, hmm…we will be together for 2years more…guess it will be a happy and nice relationship. Sometime I hate myself for doing the wrong decision. But what to do? It’s over. Over and over. If I have given another chance to choose again, I will choose him…that’s for sure…

It’s my buddy’s buddy’s birthday. Wow! This is the 1st time I celebrated birthday with her. She is such an adorable, charming and cute buddy’s buddy. Well, though my plan, which is to cheat her to go down to IS failed,(not to say failed, is just not that surprise for her), we enjoyed the birthday celebration so much. Especially with the video and with all those 3rd year seniors who made the celebration a great one. Haha… happy to know Sze Sze as my buddy. Not forget also, my dear buddy Jessica who helped me so much. It’s really a treasure for me to know both of you.

Both photos taken with my buddy and

Well, my first sem of my first year passed soon when my exam end on 15 November 2008. It passes so fast as if I was just here yesterday, having my orientation in 7th college. Was still a blur blur girl who doesn’t know anything. Now at least, I know some of the attitude of the lecturer, I know a bundle of friends here, I know a lot of seniors who do care me always and help me a lot when ever I needed, and I know that I am not alone. I still can remember that when I first come into Za’Ba, I cried. When I bid goodbye to my mom in front of the Za’Ba gate, I cried. I was thinking, how I am going to survive without my mom around me, without my siblings to accompany me and so on. I have to stay in the room with another 2 strangers whom I don’t know at all on that time. How am I going to pass my orientation week which is described as worse as hell by my seniors? Those were what playing in my mind on that particular moment. However, I know I can cope with it. I told myself, not to cry. Life has to be continued and I have to make myself tough enough as the eldest daughter in the family and as the other hand of my mom. I shouldn’t let her worry anymore. I have to be tough and tougher. Yes I am. And I have done it. I was tough enough and now I am even tougher to overcome all the obstacles here alone.
Wow! The time passes so fast and yes, I am now having my final exam for the first sem. Though it wasn’t the good as I know I can do it better if I put in more efforts. Well, as we all know, human usually will be lazy when it isn’t the time to face some problem. Yes, and I am that kind of people. Haha…I enjoyed myself very much in this sem. Starting from the orientation which is not cruel at all( for me, if I am to compare with other colleges, ours is the best), then CC supper night, CC talent night, CC Tanglung, CC trip and so on. I am glad that I knew a lot of seniors who help me a lot when ever I needed.
My big hand, Peggywho is so cute and charming. She will laugh and laugh whenever I meet her in the corridor or toilet. She is so cute and thanks for treating me so good as your small hand.

Next, my buddy, Jessica. She really helps me a lot and whenever I need some notes or books, she will never say no to me. So glad to have you as my buddy. Then my buddy’s buddy, Sze Sze. Who gives me a lot of advises whenever I needed. Thanks both buddies. I love both of you. May our relationship will be strengthen and grow stronger.

Well, still have some people I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to. My roommates, Wei Yin and Sing Ee. Thanks for always help me “ta pao” my 3 meals when I felt lazy to go to Dewan Makan to take my meals. You all are really great roommates. Though I rarely stay in the room when I rushed for my assignments, and when I reached the room, you have slept soundly. Both of you never complaint that I make some noises or off the light too late at night. Thanks and I really enjoyed the time being with you all especially when we all cracked jokes together. Haha…
Then, I would like to say thanks to my dear half-roommate plus coursemate, Shin Yen. Thanks for accompanying me whenever I needed and help me to check my grammar mistake. It’s really nice being with you and I really have good time with you. Besides, because of your “balia-ness” I relaxed a lot whenever we are busy with our stuffs and assignments. Thanks for accompanying me whenever I want to go to toilet and bath. Haha.

Well, another one would be Zhong Weng who used to have a long chatting time with me in the night time where we shared our stories and our religion. Though we both are from different religion, she is a Christian while I am a Buddhist, we never quarrel or fight for anything. We are peace.haha..I love to talk to you, Zhong Weng and enjoyed hanging out with you. You are like a blur but smart type of girl. Glad to know you.

Then, the nosiest FM, Fei Mian, which is not fat at all and always blur and act like a 3 years old girl. Though sometimes you did make me feel like want to kill you because of you blurness, I am glad to know you and worked together with you which we will ended up chit chat via MSN when we did our assignments and that’s why we used to have last-minute work. Haha..

It’s you turn, my ideal student, Marina Melissa Ng, so called Nagalingam, who used to crack joke and be the happiest one when we were stress for our assignments to entertain all of us in the group. Thanks ya. And you are so nice who will comfort me whenever I am stress and try to put off my fire whenever I feel angry. Thanks yo.

Sangitha, an Indian girl who has her own thinking and will express it out, is another coursemate plus assignment-mate. Well, though we used to end up with a small quarrel or black faces, hope it doesn’t affect our friendship. As we both are like earth and mars which couldn’t come together sometime as they will bombard each other and the world will gone like that. Haha…anyway, Thanks to Sangitha. Sincere thanks from me as you taught me a lot of grammar which I am very weak in.

Guess someone has been waited so long to read his name. Ya, it’s you, my so called “daddy” in 7th college, Jun Hong. He became my daddy since the CC trip. Nice having you as my daddy. Though you scolded me always, don’t let me eat supper so often( I know that is for my own good so that I won’t grow fatter and fatter), used to advice me with your own opinion, you are so nice and used to comfort me whenever I feel scare of feel not safe and also thanks for helping me whenever I need. Thanks all.
Beside daddy, I would like to express my deepest and sincere thanks to my mummy in 7th college, Nana. Thanks for supporting me when exam arrived and “sayang” me this little baby so much. Haha. Though you are forced to take me as you daughter, you treat me so great as I am your real daughter. Thanks. Nice knowing you. I love you both, daddy and mummy. Hope both of you will not forget this baby, your daughter after both of you has moved out from 7th college. Promise? Ok?

hm..who else?my neighbours. CHia Xin, See Teng, Fish, Anna, Joee, Bao Jun, Theresa, Xiao Feng, CHai Ling, Pei Yun,and Hui Ing. Thanks for treating me so good. though in the row we stay just me, 1 room is junior, u all never treat us like stranger but like your own family member. so glad... fake big hand, joseph, Andy, Hui chin, Aik Kent, Soon Peng, Suet Wah, thanks for accompanying and write letter with me. Besides, thanks for sharing with me your own experiences and also stories. i enjoyed them very much. Especially soon peng and suet wah. both of you give me a lot of morality support. thanks a lot...

Hmm..not forget also uncle balia, sze keong who always balia with me to let me destress..haha...though i know you balia with me is to see someone else next to me, haha..i don't long as you can see her, u can tell me, i will balia with you de.haha..

finally, thanks to everyone i met in UM. Really a big family we are. Thanks a lot...Muaks.. i love You All..

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