Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's a memorable and meaningful 2 weeks..

With Zhong Weng in formal wear
With Jubah and Scroll

Sleeping Buddha in Kelantan
Masjid Crystal in Kelantan
This doll very cute, i love it. Saw it in Jitra Mall, Kedah
Sultan Abdul Aziz Dewan
Jie and i under menara condong before we go to SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz.

I just came back to Teluk Intan after a 2 weeks trip to Pennisular of Malaysia under the NVC Programme of my college in UM. I love this two weeks. Though it's very tiring, yet it's a meaningful one.

What is NVC? NVC stands for National Varsity Counseling. It's a programme where the UM students from Za'Ba Residential College will travel to the secondary schools to give the F5 and F6 students the information on IPTA , mainly on UM courses. I am proud that i was chosen as one of the member to join this trip. This is a meaningful trip as i hope to help my juniors and yes, i did it. I am representing the Faculty of Education and worked as a runner during the trip. Being a runner is not an easy job. I have to be alert and make decision fast, it's not only a physical test for me, but also a mentally test. I have to be alert once we reach each school. This is a big challenge to me. However, i was glad that i have a group of great friends who supported me and give 100% commitment whenever I needed them.Thanks a lot, my friends.

Well, during this 2 weeks, we spent most of our time in the bus, hostel and schools. We had our first station in KPS,UM. That was a station where i faced a lot of problems. Due to the first time i hold the post as a runner, i couldn't make things well and on time. The situation is such a mess. I felt so sorry for my friends.Then, a sudden call made my mind became so stress. The central school in Kedah phoned and said that they couldn't make it. OH GOSH!! Kedah is the station where i incharge of and it's the third station. How can i find another school in such a short time? With the blessing from BUDDHA, i solved it as the JPN of Kedah phone and helped me find a central school, that is SMK Pendang. I feel blessed.

Our next station, the 2nd station is somewhere i familiar with, my hometown, TELUK INTAN. We did it in SMK SUltan Abdul Aziz. I was glad that my friends, SmallGan, JoeShen and AiLing came to support this event. Thanks a lot. And not forget, my brother, KaiQuan also,he did come to support as well. thanks a lot. After the programme, we straight away pack our things and continue our journey to Kedah. It took us alomost 6 hours to reach Kedah. We slept in the bus. This is the first time i take such a long journey bus.
In Kedah, it was a big event where there were 200 ++ students attended the programme. My faculty workshop had the most students visited. 58 students. I was shocked. I felt glad that there is still some students who wish to study in Education Faculty and become a teacher in the future. we had one day rest after that. then we continue our journey to Kelantan.
In Kelantan, we did our programme twice. One additional one which held in Sweet resort with a group of students from SMJK Zhong Hwa. this is a challenging one where the students were equiped with great knowledge on University courses and they were like testing us with those questions. I didn't like the students there. However, in the next school, SMK Putra, at least i found that i really help the students with the information i have. THey appreciate us more than the SMJK Zhong Hwa. there were some bad memories during the trip in Kelantan too. Where we had post mortem untill 3am in the morning while we had a programme at 9am the next morning. I felt that the post mortem is an unnecessary one. However, it's over. let it over..
Next station is Terrenganu. nothing special.i bought the batik that mum asked me to buy.
Then we went to Pahang. Nothing much also. proceed on to Johor. Johor is the place where we had a bad day. our bus broke down in the morning when we wanted to go to the central school. We had to take the bus from UTHM to the school and after finish our programme, we was expecting to have a great meal with the members from Lions Club. However, it disappointed me. It's not a big meal in big restaurant.but a simple malay food(again) in a tuition centre. Then we waited for our bus to repair until 6pm in the school. So pity....
Last station. MELAKA...huh! this is the station that give me a big headache. The counsellor make it a district level programme where they have their own schedule while we have our own as well. THey make my life so troublesome. However, we managed to handle the situation well and make it a success. Haha..NVC really the best and greatest. haha..we had our sharing session during the night. It's a great and warm one, we really spoke our hearts out.
Yes, finally, back to KL and back to Teluk Intan. Now busy with Fo qing.. Hope i can make it a success and become a good leader this time.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I miss the time where i celebrated my wesak in TI>.<

It's wesak today. Previously, i will be hanging in PBHP to help up during this time. However, this time, due to my college project, i have to stay in KL and i couldn't even go to any buddhist association to celebrate my Wesak. I felt so down today. I missed the time being with friends in PBHP. I missed the time i have in PBHP. I miss PBHP...I would love to help in there. I would love to have my wesak there. I would love to meet my friends there. Old friends where we have a long time not meet each other.
>.< HOwever, Yun Teng just told me, buddha is in our hearts. Yeah, buddha is in my heart...HAPPY WESAK to Everyone...
May you all be blessed with good health, happiness and peace.
May you all grow in wisdom and compasion.
Take Care and keep in touch...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5/5/09---excited day!

Well, was having a great outing with my dearest tutor, ms. charity and my friends to one utama yesterday afternoon. there were altogether 7 of us, that is , me, mel, villy, weng, mian, faiz and miss charity. we had our super hot lunch in a thai restaurant. I like the design there. I love the food too. despite they were too hot, they were nice. I had my first time in the bowling court. I played bowling for the very first time. Oh My God..alwiz go into the drain..hmm..though i am the last in the ranking, i am happy with my achievement. Haha...

Today, i got a great news, happiest news i should say, my ex-secondary sch, SMJK San Min won champion in the choir competition in the district level. Wow!! all did a very good job, my dear juniors. It's worthy that i went to see you all last saturday. You all did what i told you all. HOpe to see a better result in the state level. K?

Was having NVC training for so many days. Tired...A lot of things havent done yet. I am the runner during the NVC trip.Kind of worry. I am not that good in that. hope i can do my best and don't let the seniors dissappoint. JIA YOU kaiCHur

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hmm..My post after Exam..

Wow..finally, my exam finish. Well, it has been a very long time i never post in my blog. So, now, i would like to do some update for all of you.
25 April 2009
I went back to TI to settle some stuff on NVC. I was proud that I had the chance to attend SMJK San Min sport day again. What made me even proud is my brother, as the head prefect had become the commander of the whole parade. It was the thing that i dreamt to be since i was in Form 1. He helped me to make my dreams come true and so goes to my sister, she is the emcee of the ceremony. THat is what i hoped to be too. Finally, both of them make my dreams come true. THanks... I am really proud of you guys.
30 April 2009
My last paper of my 1st year 2nd semester. I was not paying much attention on it. May be it's because it's the last paper. So, i had no mood to study at all. HOwever, i managed to answer the questions. HOpe i will score in that paper. After that, as what we did last semester, whole gang of TESL-ian had an outing to MidValley. Fuyoh! We watched X-Men ORigin. IT's nice..Yen, Weng and I had our lunch in Sushi King (again) haha..Then we had our dinner and celebrated Ke Sin and Pang Khit's birthday together in the CHopstick noodle. This is the first time i try the meet of deer. We just did the Pelanduk in the exam and now we are eating the ironic..hehe..
1 May 2009
Went back home with my aunt and uncle. We sent my grandma back to TI to take something to HOngKong. She is going to Hongkong..So nice. Great!! then i had attended the choir practise again. THey were surprise to see me as i told them i won't be able to go back to see them again. Haha..hope they can do well in the competition next tuesday.
3 May 2009
Back to college again. See everyone packing and go home but i am the only one who come back here. Haiz...But NVC is going to start. JiayOU!!!
P.S= I couldn't add any photo, duno why..hmm...will upload when it is fix...

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