Monday, November 9, 2009


Yen is Sleeping+sms-ing+avoiding from the camera+reading. 4 in 1.

ZW, Timm and Me.

Yen, Marilynn and Faiz

Xiao Yao and me


Monkey pose

Plastisin with little xiao yao

Plastisin that we after we came back from Sunway Pyramid No. 1

We are cousins ..Yeah!!!Grandma and Xiao Yao
Well…Well, it has been a long time I have not update my news here. I was having a very busy week before my study week where I had settled almost everything before I started my study week. However, there were still 2 assignments left behind for me to complete during my study week. I went back to my hometown on 22 October 2009 and came back to university on 25 October 2009. I wished I could stay at home for a longer period, but I can’t as I have to come back here to finish my assignments which due on 27 October 2009 and 30 October 2009 respectively. Anyway, some may ask me, why I can’t do my assignment while I am at home. I have to say that, once I reach home, I will become a big lazy worm and sleeping beauty. Haha~ I slept from night to the morning and continue sleeping again. Almost 24 hours I will use to sleep. That is when I recharge my energy. Thus, I can’t really spend my study week at home, or else, it will end up with nothing.
Once I reached my college, I started to do my first assignment, which is for poetry. This time, I had a different poem from what I have done before. No more sex, no more love, no more death. Now, it changed to the theme of learning. Ahem~ it sounds nice to have a theme out of all those love, sex and death. Yet, it is kind of hard to analyze that poem. It took me almost one day to finish it. I managed to finish it the day before date of submission. I am really glad of myself. (I am giving myself a big clap) haha… Then, after I submitted the assignment, Oong and I had our lunch at Rumah Universiti. The foods there taste good. After I had bought my food, then only I realized that my cousin sister had send me a message that she is coming to have lunch with me. OMG. ok..Never mind. I had not taken my breakfast. So, what I ate in Rumah University is my breakfast and will continue for my lunch with my cousin sister. Hmm..Sounds like I am trying to bluff myself so that I can eat more. Yaya..I am..I had a nice lunch with my cousin sister and Joo Huat that day. I feel good.
I have just finished one of my assignments that left over, I have another assignment to rush on and the submission date is 30th October 2009. However, I plan to finish my assignment on 28th October 2009 so that I can go to Mid Valley and watch Meatball with Zhong Weng. Anyway, when I opened my e-mail and checked for the mail from my group members, I got a big headache and fire was burning in me. What the hell they were doing? They don’t really understand what I said or they can’t even understand my Malay? I asked them to go back and change the point form data into essay, that’s all. Everything is prepared, they just have to combine them and write an essay. But what they did was they copy and pasted the whole page for me. That’s all. OMG!!! If I want that thing, I can do it myself. Furthermore, I am not the leader of this assignment. The leader had not done anything at all. GOSH! I was yelling and screaming in my room and scolded everything they have done. I have to do it myself. Anyway, lucky Yayan, Fyza and Azma had finished some of the part. So, I rushed until 5a.m. and slept for 4 hours and woke up to continue. Finally, I finished it on 11.12a.m. 28 October 2009. Phew… Finally, I can go and watch Meatball happily. So, I went to watch Meatball with ZHong Weng in the afternoon and had a super valuable lunch in Ipoh Chicken Rice in The Gardens. We met Chia Sing, Amy Stephanie and Dayang in Mid Valley. We were wondering, why TESL-ians’ study week does not seem like a study week but movie week or shopping week. Yea, it’s true that TESL-ian is really enjoying themselves during study week. May be not all, but at least, most of us are. ( I am going to be beaten by other courses students. Sorry! Hehe)
After finished all assignments and movie, my study week finally started on 29 October 2009 where I started to do revision on my first paper- Reading in ESL classroom. I don’t have much knowledge on this course as I did not pay attention during class but “fishing” at the back. It was too boring and dull where I had tried my very best to stay awake yet I could not. Finally, 4 November 2009 reached where I had my first paper. It was kind of easy for me. I should have not read all the notes but search the information through the internet. That’s enough. Anyway, I did learn something from there as well. Once my first paper finished, Faiz, Timm, Marilynn, Zhong Weng, Shin Yen and I went to Mid Valley. They went for a movie, I went to get my present for my little cousin sister and my buddy. We had our dinner at Sushi King. It was just like our last paper, not our first paper after all. Haha…
Then, I came to my uncle’s house from Thursday night until today(Sunday). I had an enjoyable weekend here. Why I am here? I should have studied in room. Well, I brought along my notes to my uncle’s house. I managed to finish everything for Otto’s examination and also half of the notes of KBKK. So, it’s kind of success. I like the feeling of being with my grandmother, my uncle’s family, and my little cousin sister. She is such a cute girl. She speaks English much more fluent than me. I feel kind of shame when I speak to her. She is only 3 years old this year. Her English is just like the native speakers’ English. But her Chinese is just like an English girl speaking Chinese. Haha…I love her so much and she loves me too. (She just played with me while she doesn’t play with my sister and my brother. Once she came back to KL, she always looking for me. Whoever phone to her house, she will say “biao jie, come and play with me.” see, how she missed me. haha)
Finally, I am back to College again. Miss the life in my uncle’s house so much. How good it is if I can stay there longer? I will have my second paper, Poetry I tomorrow and third paper KBKK on Wednesday. Wish that I can make it and score in both papers. I can do it. Right? will update my post again during coming weekend and elaborate more on what had happen. Stay tune!

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