Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have no intention to write this blog today. Just have such a feeling that I couldn't get it away. This feeling stay with me for almost a week. It came right after the mid semester break. The feeling had made me uneasy for such a long time. I have tried my very best to get rid of the feeling. I have tried my very best to chase away the feeling and yet, it still wandering around me. I hate this kind of feeling. It consists of love, hate, jealous and hatred. This is not a good feeling to have. I don't know why. May be I am too sensitive. My friend to me that it is because I too attache to the particular incident or person. May be yes, I guess. I think I am attached to that particular incident and person, both. Attachment makes me feel like that. How do I cut off all these attachments? I don't know. I hate this feeling...I hate it....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Happen to me???

Just finish watch the movie, UP with Ms.Charity, Melissa, Jared, Timm, Amy and Yen. It is a nice and meaningful movie. Anyway, I slept when i watched it. I didn't mean it, but I am too tired. Just forgive me. But, I just slept a while, not more than 10minutes I guess. So, I still manage to catch up with the movie. It is a very meaningful one. I like the old man in the story. Mr. F...I don't know how to spell his name. We just call him MR. F here. He is such a good husband who try his very best to fulfill what his wife wish to do. I feel so touch with what he had done. If I have such a husband, I will have no regret.
After movie, we went to have our dinner in Little Penang. Well, it's nice food for me. Okla...not bad.
Now, I am having meeting for my assignment. I walked here alone. While walking, it is raining. I feel that I am all alone. I started to feel scare. I started to slow down my foot steps. I started to chant the name of Guan Yin in my heart. What happen to me? This is not the old Kai Chur. The old Kai Chur is someone who wil not feel scare at all. Who is so tough and so brave. Where is the old me??? What happen to me???

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weird feeling...

I feel so weird these few days
After a short break
Everything seems to be

I feel so weird these few days
I don't know what is weird
I just feel that it is weird

I feel so weird these few days
The feeling of familiarity
Not here anymore

I feel so weird these few days
The feeling of love
Gone with the wind

I feel so weird these few days
Can the feeling go away
Back to the time before break

Monday, August 24, 2009

My dearest Kai Jie's convocation

I love this picture. it looks nice with the background.

My kai eldest kaijie not in...

waiting for my kaijie to come out from the dewan

My dearest youngest kaijie and i..

Our Family...nice photo...
18th August 2009, it was a very special day for my family. It was the convocation of my little Kai Jie, Yoke Yee. This is the day where she finally graduated as an undergraduate of the course Applied Physics in UKM. CONGRATULATION!!! on this very special day, the family members of LAM family gather in KL (excluded my mother, as she has to teach in school, so I am the only representative of my family and also my grandmother). We had our family dinner on 17th August. My dearest 3rd aunt flied all the way back from Hong Kong, my dearest eldest kaijie and family came back from Singapore and my dearest kai father and mother came from Teluk Intan. Not forget also my 2nd aunt and family came from Klang to Puchong and we had our dinner in a restaurant here. That night, we squeezed in my kaijie's house in Koi Tropical. It's a nice experience.
Then, the next day morning, we had our family photo session in the studio and then went to UKM. It was a super super hot afternoon where our skin burnt after walking under the hot sun. I became darker after all. Haha.. THis is the first time where i drove in KL. I drove from The Mines to UKM. It's such a great achievement of mine. haha...
It's great to attend my kai jie's convocation and have such a great gathering with my family members. I love the day we gathered. It's the day where the place is full of laughter and happiness. Actually, all this while, my little kai jie, Yoke Yee is a great example for me to further my study in University. She is the one that I used to look up to. She used to study hard when she was in her form 6. Thanks for your encouragement, my dear Yee Jie Jie. I love you!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Going home....

Wow...finally,after almost one month, I can pack my things and go back to my home sweet home. It's really almost a month that I have not been home. I miss my home. However, today, I am not going back to Teluk Intan straight away, but will go to my uncle's house then attend my kaijie's convocation on Tuesday then only go back to my dearest Teluk Intan with my KaiYe and my 3rd aunt. I am waiting for that moment where my uncle will come and fetch me later. However, in my heart, feels a little bit sad to leave college for a week. Haha...Sounds like I fall in love with my college.'s just because, I'll surely miss the WiFi here and my friends here and not forget, my babies here. I can't bring them home. So, I will surely miss them very much.

Was sending my new baby, little bee to Daddy and ask him to take care of it. So, daddy, remember to take good care of my little bee ya. ^^

Waiting for my uncle to call me....hehe..^^

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can I have a simple life?

I am a simple girl,
just like what you said.
I just want a simple life.
I need someone to love me,
to take care of me and
to lend me his or her shoulder
whenever I need it.

I hope to go back to my childhood,
where I have no worries,
I have no burden,
I need not think when I spend,
I need not think who will I love,
I need not think will I hurt anyone
if i do this,
I hope to go back to the very childhood.

I want a simple life,
where I can sing whenever I like,
I can sleep whenever I want,
I don't have to worry on my diet,
I can assume everyone love me,
and in deed,
everyone love me.

I love my life being a simple girl,
being a girl without any make up,
without any jewelry,
without any perfume,
just a simple me and
hope you will like it
and accept it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

9/8/09~ A day for me to remember...

This is a day,
for me to remember.
During this day,
I have to remember.

What i have to remember?
It's a secret of myself.
Why shall I remember?
I have to remember.

I can do many things,
which are out of my expectation.
I can do many things,
if I am willing to do it.

I can fly to the sky,
I can swim in the water,
I can play in the rain,
I can if I want to.

There is something,
I miss it.
There is something,
I owned it.

Being a human,
We shall appreciate
What we have
and enjoy it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Add on for my BIRTHDAY!!!

jie is waiting for her food..why is it not coming yet???

Finally, nice shoot with daddy..(very hard to make him have nice photo de..)

everyone of us have this noob photo..haha

yen 2...


yen n i are playing and discussing how to make the golden ball smile..haha

em..what to eat ler???

hehe....i wana eat nasi pataya

before we go for our lunch, we need to withdraw money first..pokai d..

Friday, August 7, 2009

My 21st Birthday^^

07/08/09 is my 21st birthday...I had a memorable birthday this year. A special day today as it's 789 and on the 12:34:56 today is 123456789. I won't repeat again. So, it's really memorable to me. Happy birthday to Yee Theng and Min Yi too. I had a great birthday with my friends in 7th Residential College, University Malaya. I had a great outing with my room-mate-Yen, Daddy and Jie on my birthday at MidValley. Glad to receive so many wishes from all my friends, juniors and seniors. Same goes to my family members too.

Birthday cake. THanks June and Amy for searching so hard for my birthday cake..

ugly face after being pushed towards the cake by ANNA a.k.a. BELL BELL

my dearest room-mate. THanks..

Jie and I...thanks jie for the cute little ear-rings.

Daddy and I. This daddy, always show his sleepy eyes..pls lar..can you wake up and take a nice photo with me???

With monkey AMY and cute little LESLEY....thanks girls

With ZHong Weng..this tall girl used to help me a lot..thanks..

with Sin Hui, my almost to-be roomate.

nice hug with soon peng, my Big Hand..

Huggies with my buddy. Love you~

Enjoying my delicious birthday cake~

With Cheng Kim. THanks for celebrating my birthday with me..

With my dearest buddy...Muaks...~

Amy and I ...Two little girls with a cake
Oh yes, it is 07/08/09, the ticket of Rapid KL
Jie and I in Sushi King..Love you~Happy Familly..but lack of 1 people, that is mummy Nana..

nice golden ball with my fingers as the mouth of smiling face..

nice tea...Daddy and I...finally, u open ur eyes...

Daughter and Father acting cute..

Nasi Pataya in Sushi King..haha..~

Cute Little Bee from daddy..i love it...

Nice perfume from my roomate, Yen..thanks...

Nice cupboard from my coursemates..thanks a lot ya^^
Birthday Bear from my neighbours...thanks a lot ya
Little monkey from zhong yuan..thx oh^^

Ear-rings from jie..thanks jie..i love it...almost owned by kian seng's too nice...haha
Ear-rings from big hand, Peggy.thanks big hand..
Birthday card from Daddy..thanks for the surprise too ya daddy..really surprised me...^^
Little letter from my neighbour which made me "pening" almost half an hour to rearrange it and joint them..
Little black pig from Joseph..thanks oh Seph..
These are all the presents. Thanks for my friends. I love you all..

Who is K@i ChuR....I am who I am...

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