Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's CNY. a nice CNY..but lazy CNY.. fast,it's the forth day of CNY. I have been in Teluk Intan for a week already. So fast. I am going back soon. I don't really want to go back. Who wants to go back actually..haiz..
Past few days was busying with all my relatives and gathering with friends. I have a great time being with my little cousin sister, xiao yao. She is so cute. She loves to play with us. I love her so much. Next, i have a great time hanging out with my friends and meet with my teachers. It's nice to have a gathering sometime to have a great reunion here.
Ahem..this new year, not a good one for me, i have flu and sore throat. A little bit fever too. So pity.Anyway, i hope i can recover before i go back to university. Hmm..

Friday, January 23, 2009

I am home..Home Sweet Home...

Oh yes..I am home.It's a great feeling of being home. I love it. Though I have to do many housechores and bake cookies during this holiday before CNY, I am happy with it. Haha.. I love CNY. However, this year, there is something different for my CNY. My 3rd aunt is not coming back to celebrate CNY with us. She is now accompanying her bf. Hmm..what a sad news for me. Guess the CNY atmosphere will not be as great as previous year. However, I will do my best to make it the best for myself and my family too. Well, I am very happy when i knew that my little cousin is coming back on the 1st day of CNY and my Kaijie and her son too. must be fun to see those children running here and there and try to talk in their own language. Haha.. I love to see children. I love them.
I met Harn Yan this afternoon. Wow..Hivan had become so big already. He is still so cute and charming. Haha..He laughed when I hug him. It's nice...Being with a baby is the best thing of all. WHY? nothing much, i just like baby. Haha...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going back Home...CNY hehe..

2 more hours I will leave my lovely room in college and go back to my home sweet home. I will appreciate very much this time as I will not have any sem break after CNY. I have a very pack semester this year where I can't go back to home every weekend like what I did last semester. Anyway, this is another good experience for me too. So, I am no longer PBSM..haha...Here i wish all my friends here HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey dude, CNY is coming soon...

It's 20th January 2009. Wow! 6more days, that will be the Chinese New Year. I don't really have the mood of Chinese New Year. Yes, I have. But not as strong as when i was in my hometown. It's really a big different when family members not around you. I couldn't feel that the Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Well, many of my Sabah and Sarawak friends already fly back to their hometown to prepare for Chinese New Year. I hope I could fly back to my hometown as well. Haha..Unfortunately, my hometown is Teluk Intan,there has no any airport. haha...
Chinese New Year is coming. But, this year I didn't help much in my family. I didn't help much in baking cookies, cleaning the house and so on. I am so sorry about that. I wasn't in home. So, all work loads lie on my siblings and my mother. I hope you all don't mind. Though you all used to phone me and tell me what kind of cookies you all bake on the day, I felt like I hope to be home and help. Haiz..
Chinese New Year is coming and it symbolises that the day that I don't hope to come is coming soon too. I don't know how to give him something that i have brought. I don't know how only I can take a photo with him as memory. I don't know how to tell him I hope he will be fine and don't forget me. I reallly don't know. I have make those things a messy one. I shouldn't let him know that i like him and don't want him to go. I shouldn't. I should left it inside my heart forever and ever. Now the situation seems like very strange. I don't know how to describe, just not natural. Hope it will be fine after all.
So, here I am to wish all my friends Happy Chinese New Year. May All of you have a wonderful year ahead in this Ox year. Then may you all get a lot of Ang Pao and don't forget share some of your ang pao with me. Haha..HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, dude!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

MKC rehersal 1

tonight is the first rehersal for our Malam Kebudayaan Cina (MKC in short). Well, it was a quite simple and short one as most of the performances were not ready yet. So, we just ran through the programme. I was glad that my dance get a quite well feedback from seniors. However, there is still a lot of things that we need to improve. I hope that MKC will be a success one. I hope that we can make the night a memorable one as what those seniors said. and i am sure that we can make it. 1st year CC juniors, we can make it..JIA YOU!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Donation Drive...

I just came back from Sentosa in Petaling Jaya area. I went there not for fun. Not for buying stuff and not for shopping. I went there to have a donation drive for a project in my college. THis is the first time I joined in the donation drive here. In fact, this is the real first time where I have to walk under the hot sun and apporoached a lot of people for donation. This is really my first time. There were 4 people all together today which go to the Sentosa. THat is Me, Zhong Weng, Min Chian and Mabel. Four of us depart from college in the morning and reached the respectively place on worked in two pairs. That was Min Chian and Mabel one pair then zhong Weng and me one pair. At first we aimed to go to the pasar pagi and stop the porple there to listen to our dsecription about the project. Zhong Weng and I went to the coffee shop by hoping that the uncles and aunties there would give us some donation. However, the response seems like abit cold. So, we changed our target to the car park nearby. Oh YEs.. it's reallyworked. Most people who finished their "pasar-ing' will stop at their own car and listened to us. Well, they are some very generous, but there is also some who don't even want to listen to us. THere is one lady who gave us RM50. then she went to the car park for 2-3times and she saw us. She felt so pity on us and she bought 2packets of Soya and gave us a treat. I was so surprise and felt so warm. Really, under the hot sun, someone trying to show their concern to us, it's very nice. There was also two aunties who pity us cause we don't have a cap with us, they gave us 2 caps. OH MY GOD>.really thanks to both aunties. I appreciated the caps so much. thanks. Anyway,. there is also some people who don't even wanted to listen to us. They will said that they are in a hurry, they donated before, they not free...bla bla bla..haha..anyway, thanks them also. I learnt a lot of things from today donation drive. Finally, four of us managed to raise about RM613. happy.haha..thanks to those who donated to me and thanks to my partner, zhong weng. hope that we manage to get the great amount of money to succeed this project. CC jia you!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

7th CC "Dong Zhi" celebration.

"Dong zhi" was fall on 22December 2008. However, my college, 7th college Chinese Community(CC) plan to celebrate it today. We have a great CC Dong Zhi tonight. Around 6pm, we went to help in the Dewan Makan to do the Tang Yuan. I am an expert in doing Tang Yuan. Haha..I enjoyed very much during the making of tang yuan. It's really like a big family doing the tang yuan together. Then, we ate our tang yuan and have some games together. I was very glad that i stay in 7th college. My friends from other college and other university used to jealous on me as i told them i have a lot of seniors who care and help me a lot and the relation among juniors also very good. They said in their college, they don't even know who is the seniors and who is the, i am glad that im here. haha...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tired..Pain..Both Physically and Mentally...

It's already 1.38a.m now, I just came back from taking my bath after the dance practise of MKC just now. I am very tired and my body, especially my leg, is very very pain. Yet, I still feel like want to write down my feelings.

It has been a very hectic life for me since last week. I have to practice the dance for MKC and also Qoir practise. Besides, I have to cope with my study as well. This Sem is not an easy going as the 1st Sem I had. There are a lot of things to cover and to study. I have inches of books to read and novels as well. I have a lot of homeworks and less time for rest too. My timetable is very pack. So, everyday, I am living in a very very hectic lifestyle.

Well, today, we had our MKC meeting for 1st year juniors. I was glad that we have did something well together. We danced together. But, I still feel that we lack of coorperation and also communication. I don't really recognize all the juniors which are same batch with me. I bet that I can regconize the seniors better than juniors. As what my daddy, Junhong said, we were super not active. Well,i don't know who to blame for this, but I guess I have the responsible as well.
Then we have the meeting for MAZ (Malam Anugerah Za'Ba). It is a big event for those who live in 7th residential college. It's a huge event where all of the Za'Bahan will dress themselves pretty-ly and handsome-ly and have a dinner in the 5 stars hotel. I am longing for it. We, TESL-ian had said that we will sit in a table of 10 together. Yeah! that's great. We will have a nice night that day. I hope so..

Though the hectic life now make me feel so tired, both mentally and physically. I felt happy with it. I didn't think so much of other things. I just concentrated on my works. However, sometimes, when it comes to night time where I am awake and doing my things, i will still think of him. I don't know why he is not replying any of my message anymore. Is it he is too busy with his new cafe or his things to go to London? Or he really doesn't want to talk to me or contact with me anymore? I always hope that i could have at least one dinner with him before he go to London. I hope i could take some photos with him. But, seems like this will be a mission impossible for me. I just can with him, best of luck in the future and hope that he won't forget me. That's all i can wish. Right? Sometimes, I will think that I am very stupid. He don't like me, why am I thinking so much and hope to do something for him? I was thinking of what present to buy for him before he depart this few days. A scarf?A watch? A jacket? What should I buy for him? I don't really know and I am still wondering. Am I very stupid?I guess you will say that I am very stupid and he will say so too.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Life..Being sad and happy..yet, life going on..

Life is going on...
No one could stop it from going on and on...
Being a Human
Is not as simple as ABC
It is neither hard as well...

Life is going on...
It is full of obstacles...
It is full of happiness...
It is full of Sorrow...
It is full of joyess...
It just depends on you..
How you lead your life to...

Life is going on..
There are a lot of things to do and to fulfill
Making new friends,have a love relation,
Sleeping,eating,playing, on-lining,
There are a lot of things to be done.

Life is going on...
I won't stop in the begining,
Neither the middle nor the end
I will proceed to my dream
Being a great teacher
A good daughter to my mother
A good sister to my siblings
A good peer to my friends
And be a good wife to my husband
And a good mother to my children

I am sure I will be the way I am..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hard(Heart) feelings...

“How do I live without you…” this is the song that plays in my heart now. How do I live without you? Well, that might be too serious to claim so. We weren’t couple, neither relative. We just friends. Ordinary friend. Nothing much, that’s all. Anyway, you play a very important part in my heart. As I told you, you have been glued by using the strongest glue in the world, the elephant glue. You asked me, I haven’t forgotten you yet? Yes, I have not. How could I forget you? I don’t even dream to have you apart from me and go to London. A country that far away from me. I don’t know where I got the courage and bravery to tell you that I don’t want you to go to London and I like you. I don’t know where the courage comes from. But, I know that if I don’t tell you now, I will be regret. And yes, I told you, but your answer is you will go to London as planned and you don’t want to start a new relation even though you didn’t state that you like me, you didn’t say no neither. I was glad that at least you tell me that you are leaving and not leave without give me any words. Thanks. I know I can’t change the truth that you are going to London; I hope at least I could have a nice dinner with you and snap some photo with you before you depart to London. Can I? Then I will try my very best to forget you. I will forget that I like you; I will forget that I like you so that I will accept another guy into my heart. Anyway, I won’t forget you. You are always the best ever I have. You are the only one that I trust most. Thanks for being my friend. You are my kalyana mitra. My beautiful friend.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I don't hope that day to come.

It should be a happy and great day for me, but it turned to a sad and dull day for me. I received the news that you are going to work at London soon. I didn't hope that was a real news. I prayed very hard that it wasn't real. However,Buddha didn't listen to me,I guessed.You told me today, you are really going to London on 3rd February. I was so sad when I heard that. I don't hope to be apart with you. We are not so close since you study abroad. I hope to go back to the old time where we were so close, where we will share whatever in our hearts, any problems, any nice things, any happy events, any sad events...we will share all. Now, we didn't do so. I felt like we have a gap between us. In fact, it is a big gap.
I really don't want you to leave Malaysia but I dare not open my mouth and tell you that. London is too far. Though i know you will have a better job and better life over there, I don't want you to go there. I am very selfish. Ain't I?Can you don't leave Malaysia?your family is here. Your mother needs you. You are the son that care her the most. Who will be listened to her if you go to London? Who will help your father in the shop when you go to London? Don't you feel heart pain to leave them? I can't imagine when the time you wana leave here and go to London what will I do. I will cry, definately, in fact, i am crying now.
If you do read my blog and know that i am talking bout you, please, dont go..i dare not tell you face to face, because i too care you....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New classmates..

Well, i have my n ew classmates or shall I say, my new coursemates in UM. They are 20something of them who are from China, America, Turkey and Brunei. I was shocked when I entered my Grammar class last Wednesday. There were a big group of them that I don't know. At first, I thought them were the seniors that retake this course. However, after a short briefing bout the course from Prof. G, then only I knew that they are my new coursemates who are just registered in this semester. OH MY GOD!!!! I was once proud to be a TESL student as there is only 24 of us in a class. It is a small amount of course and indeed, it is a very small group compare to other courses which has more than 100 of students. I was glad that there are only few of us. We enjoyed the time being together and we know each other very well. While we attended classes, we just need to "park our butt" on time in the classroom like what Dr. Sabeshen used to say. Anyway, now, I have to wake up half an hour earlier than usual just to get there earlier to have a nice place to sit. Nothing much, just I want to sit in front. Why do I so motivated to sit in front of the class? Am I wanted those lecturers to recognize me?'s not the reason why I so wanted to sit in front. It's because my new classmates were too noisy. They will talk and talk and talk non-stop during the class. Well, it's ok if you want to talk in the calss,but please do it gently and mind your voices. They didn't care at all. They talk like nobody business. They will talk in mandarin in their own slang which we don't really understand very loud. I don't like to have a noisy class. I am so pissed off with the sound pollution lately. i dont like to have noisy environment while i am concentrating 100% on the lecturer. I dont like that kind of environment. but sometimes, those new classmates really irritated me a lot. i am not trying to discriminate them. But, if they behave themselves nicely, i will not be so frustrated and irritated. I am so sorry if i did anything wrong during the class. I didn't mean it. I just hope to have a peaceful classroom. Can I?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My dear friends, please leave me some comments on my short story.

My dear friends, below is a short story that i have written recently. I have to use this as my assignment. Pleas leave me some comment to improve myself. Thanks a lot. love you all.


“Kevin senior, can I have your signature please?” asked Cynthia.
“Yes, sure. Can I have yours as well?” said Kevin as he passed his camp booklet to Cynthia.
“Do give me your phone number and address as well so that I can contact you after the camp. Thanks.” Kevin added with a warm smile on his face.
It was the 10th Leadership Camp where both of them met each other and there is where the story begun.
Kevin, a Form 4 student, he is the youngest son of a baker who owned a bakery. Cynthia, a Form 2 girl,come from a single-parent family where her father passed away. After the camp, Kevin keeps in touch with Cynthia. Then only he knew that, their house is just a distance of a row of houses. One day, he found a very lame excuse to go to her house. He said he wanted to pass the photo CD of the camp to her but brought the wrong one. They had a long conversation that day. Instead, it was a nice conversation. Kevin attracted to Cynthia. He started to take his action to court her.
After that day, he went to her house more often. Almost every Friday he will pay a visit to her house. He cracked some jokes with her, told her his daily life and sometimes they even talked about future. They used to have nice and long chatting time every Friday night. Sometimes, Kevin wouldn’t want to go home as he was too excited chatting with Cynthia.
One evening, Kevin phoned Cynthia.
“Cynthia, do you have any guy that you admired?”
“Yes, there is one.” Cynthia answered and she is imagining the face of the guy she admired in her brain at the same time.
“Oh, who is the lucky guy?” Kevin asked curiously and hopes that the answer will be him.
“He is my senior.”
It was like a big stone hitting on Kevin’s heart. His heart broke. He could hear the sound of his heart breaking into pieces.
“You? Do you have any girl that you admired?”
“Yes, there is one girl that I admired and love her very much.”
“ Who is the lucky girl then?”
“ You try to have a guess. Who do you think will be the girl I admired? She joined the camp too.”
“ Is it Karen? Or Janice?”
“Why do you think is both of them?”
“They are so pretty. Guess you will admire them.”
“No, you are wrong. I didn’t admire them at all. The girl I admired just a step away from me.”
“She is with you now? Wow! Who is she? Do I know her? Why don’t you introduce her to me? You are so bad…”
“She is not with me right now. You of course know her. You know her very well.”
“What? I know her? I know her very well too? Hmm… Who is she? Is she studying in the same school with me? Is she in the same group with me? Is she in my age too?”
“Yes, she is in the same school with you, same age with you and also same group with you.”
“Hmm… Let me think. Who else in my group…hey, I am the only girl who is Form 2 and I am the only one from San Min. No other people. Are you sure she is same group with me?”
“Yes, sure. In fact, that person is you.”
“What? Me?”
“ Yes, you. Is it possible for me to be your boy friend?”
“Not impossible.”
“Not impossible? Why do you say so?”
“I am not sure. I haven’t prepares for it. Sorry.”
“Well. It is ok. So what are you doing now?”
“My mother is calling me to help her in some stuff in the kitchen now. Sorry. Have to hang up. See you next time. Bye.”
“OK. Bye.”
It was a heart broken phone call for Kevin. While Cynthia, she felt so nervous and scared. She never dreamt to have any people admired her as she thinks that she doesn’t has an adorable figure and she is too fat instead. She was shocked when Kevin told her that he likes her. She treated Kevin as her big brother, that’s all. She couldn’t accept Kevin neither as she had promised her father to concentrate in her studies before she enters university. She won’t break the promise. She told herself.
Cynthia couldn’t sleep that night, neither Kevin. Picture of Kevin was playing in Cynthia’s mind. She was refreshing every moment being with Kevin. She couldn’t notice any signal of Kevin admiring her. Yes, he helped her a lot. He will do whatever to help her when she needed help. What she needs to do is just ring him up, he will be there in a short while. She doesn’t think that this is the way Kevin showed her his love. She never knew that she is the one for him. She never knew…
Kevin couldn’t sleep that night too. He was thinking, why he was so brave and confessed to Cynthia. He was thinking: “ If she doesn’t want to talk to me at all, how? Are we still friend?” Thousands of questions were playing in his mind at that very moment. He felt angry to himself as he took action too sudden. He was planning how to talk to Cynthia again. He doesn’t want the situation become worse. He believes that he could touch her heart one day. What he needs to do now is to be with her whenever she needs him. Yes! That is the way.
He phoned Cynthia the next day as he woke up. No, he didn’t wake up, instead, he didn’t sleep for the whole night.
“Cynthia, I am so sorry. I shouldn’t say those things to you yesterday. Are we still friends?”
“It’s ok. I am glad that you tell me the truth. Of course, we are friends. Don’t worry.”
“Glad to hear that! Would you come for breakfast with me?”
“Yes, sure. You fetch me. OK? I am quite lazy to walk.”
“Sure. Wait me. I will be there in 15 minutes time. See you later.”
Kevin felt so released after all. He quickly washed his face and get on his motorcycle. Deep in his heart, he knew that he is more than willing to fetch Cynthia, even for his whole life. He is willing to do so to her as he love her so much.

---------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------------------
thanks a lot.
take care

Thursday, January 1, 2009

MAMA MIA Musical Show...on 1st January 2009...

Tun.Dr.Mahathir..still so charming and young looking.
The backdrop of MAMA MIA before it started.
It's me, in front of Istana Budaya. I love this drawing.

I have been waited very long for this show, MAMA MIA. Sze Keong, Shin Yen and I decided to watch this show once it announced in THE STAR newspaper. We planned to buy the ticket on 26 December. Unfortunately, when we wanted to buy, it was sold out. So, we bought the ticket on 1st January 2009, that is today. We started our journey today at around 4.45p.m from Kolej Kediaman Za’Ba. We took a taxi to University Station and took the LRT to Jalan Imbi. We had our dinner in Times Square.
The restaurant that we first went in was sucks. The way they served customers was totally fail. The faces of the waitresses were darker than charcoal. Well, I know that you were tired after working for a whole day. However, I am you customer, you at least have to be more polite and give me a smile. They didn’t do it at all. The worst thing was, we have ordered our dishes once we took our places. We waited for half an hour and there were nothing being served, not even the drinks. We found it quite weird as the people who came in later than us had their food served. I asked one of the waiters to help me checked and see, when he back, he told us that the order was just sent into the kitchen. Oh my goodness! What the hell was he talking to me? I have ordered for such a long time, you told me you were just sending the things to your kitchen? Ok, fine, I accepted it as there were a lot of people, may be they were too busy. So, we continued chit chat. After 15 minutes, there wasn’t anything served yet. Not even the drinks. Again, I called the waitress to check for us why our drinks and food not served yet. Well, she did go to check, but she didn’t give me any reply and just walked pass by my side. Then I called her for the second time, the same thing happened and so for the third time. Sze Keong and I were super angry and we called another waiter and told him to cancel our bill. We have been waited for an hour. Come on, it is enough to prepare a simple meal. Gosh… this is the first time I went into the restaurant and this is the last time also. I still remembered the restaurant name, it is called 欢喜地. Which means joyful places. Anyway, I didn’t see joyful in it. I just saw a lot of dark faces and bad service inside.
After waited for 1 hour without food, we were lack of time. We decided to eat at the Old Town Café nearby. Then we rushed to take the monorail to Chow Kit. After that we walked about 5minutes to take a taxi to Istana Budaya.
Wow, Istana Budaya still the same. It’s just as what I saw last time when I watched the musical show on the title of Princess Wen Cheng with Hui San they all. We entered the Istana Budaya and collected our tickets which cost us RM 163 each. We took the seats near the entrance and it’s the last row of the theatre. Well, it’s an amazing and awesome show I should say. I enjoyed myself very much. Despite the volume of the mic of the main characters weren’t loud enough and sometimes their voices were covered by the background music, everything was great and perfect. Once the show ended, we rushed out as we need to rush to the monorail station before the monorail close.
Once I stepped out from the lift, there were one people who stopped me from moving forward. I was thinking, who is he and he wanted to stop me for what? After a second, I saw a familiar face, Tun. Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. Our former prime minister. Oh MY GOD!!!.. We followed behind the line and walked after Dr. Mahathir. I was so excited and I hope to shake his hand. However, I didn’t manage to do that as there were a lot of people there. I was happy enough to see him from near. He wasn’t that old which had shown in TV or Newspaper. He is still young and handsome. He is my idol. Among the politicians, I love him the most and I admired him. He is the prime minister that makes me feel proud to be a Malaysian. He carried out his job well and he brought Malaysia towards a better country when he was our prime minister. I was like a little fan when I saw him. Haha.. I managed to take a photo of him while he was waiting for his wife in front of the main entrance.

I was thinking, it must be a blessing for me when we couldn’t get the ticket on 26 December. If not, I won’t be able to see Dr.Mahathir. It’s also a blessings that I had the seat near the entrance where I could came out faster and meet with Dr. Mahathir. If I came out a minute later, I wouldn’t have the chance to do so. So, it’s the blessings that I have and I treasured it so much.

2009, Welcome...

It's 2009..the workers put on the 9 on the board..Welcome 2009
Well, it's still 2008, the workers were doing hard to get the 8 down. i guess the 8 doesn't want to come down.haha..

Wow..2009 is here. First of all, I would like to bit welcome to 2009 and goodbye to 2008. I didn’t have any celebration during the New Year eve this year. It was just a simple celebration with my course-mates and my so called family in my college. I had the chance to see the board of UNIVERSITI MALAYA 2008 which is situated opposite the Dewan Tunku Chanselor changed to UNIVERSITI MALAYA 2009. This is great and awesome!!! Those workers were so effective. I guess this is the most effective action that I have seen in Universiti Malaya. There are 8 people altogether. They are : Jun Hong a.k.a my daddy, Sze Keong a.k.a Balia King, Shin Yen a.k.a my course-mate + half roommate, Meng Hui a.k.a my jie jie, chin may a.k.a my sis’s course-mate, Fei Mian a.k.a my course-mate, Min Cian a.k.a FM roommate and me, kaichur a.k.a pig.haha.. We walked to the place where the board stands straight at around 11.40p.m. When we reached there, there are a lot of people waiting there. Most of them are our neighbours who are from 3rd college. They snapped photo in front of the board. I wished to take photo too, but I have no chance as when we reached, it is almost 12a.m and the super effective workers came to change the board immediately when the clock showed 12am. I was kind of sad as I haven’t taken any photo in front of the board yet. Haiz..

Well, flashed back year 2008, what have I done?
Started from January 2008, I have been sent to teach in S.J.K.(C) San Min No.2,which is my own primary school by PPD. I had a memorable and happy moment there within the 3 months teaching life. I have a group of best friends in my working place. I admitted that I was a very fierce teacher where most of the students will scare when my face turned black. However, there are also some students who love me. They said they love the way I teach them more than the teacher that I am replacing. Haha.. I was happy with that. Because it means that I am successful and I am really suitable to be a teacher. Haha..
Then, in March 2008, I joined the Buddhist Children Camp in PBHP. I was the discipline master of the camp. Well, I don’t like to punish people, especially children. However, I have been given a name of “the teacher that is very fierce” among the students as I scolded them very fierce when they did some mistake. But, what to do. I am the discipline master, I have to do that. I still remembered that I went to take my STPM result during the camp. I got an unexpected result which I was very satisfied with it.
May 2008, I joined the Chinese Buddhist Youth Camp in PBHP. This time, I am no longer a discipline master, but the game master and in charged of the singing session. I have 3 partners who worked together with me. They were Hong Tian, Ying Bin, and Yan Yan. They were really great partners to me. They helped me a lot during the camp. Thanks to you all. I love you all. Then, I checked my result on which university and which course I am in. I got University of Malaya and the course of TESL. It’s my first choice. HURRAY!!! I have been longed to enter University of Malaya for a long time and I got the education course which I love. Haha… Dreams come true!!!
29 June 2008, the 1st day I left my home sweet home and began my life in University Malaya. I have a quite relax orientation week compared to other colleges. The most memorable events during the orientation were half-stand and we won the champion of the cheers. And I started to get into the feeling of being an University student who is independent. I have to washed my clothes myself, sweep and mop the floor, make sure that my room is clean etc. I was lucky enough to have 2 roommates who are so good and kind and help me in everything. I love both of you, wei yin and sing ee. However, sing ee had moved out since this sem. So now left only wei yin and me..sob..sob..
Time flies, I have my study week and my final exam in the November. I did quite well in my final but I think I could do better. I get the pointer of 3.49 which is till 0.01 from my target—3.5. anyway, I am quite happy with that also. Thanks Buddha that I managed to pass my writing about literature and I need not retake. Haha…
Then, I joined the 16th DYC as the mentor. .this is the first ever time in DYC history that we have students from university become the mentors. They have to do so due to lack of man power. I was the person incharge of the singing session too. I am glad that I was there. I have become the 3rd sister of my 2nd family in PBHP. Our eldest sister, is Hoay Hoay, then 2nd sister is Hoay Yee, 3rd sister of course is me, 4th sister is Siew Ling and our little sister is Wei Jan. then we have brothers too. Our eldest brother is Gan, 2nd brother is Small Gan, 3rd brother is Ying Bin and little brother is Terk Wah. Haha..Each of us has very cute name. haha.. that is.
Hoay Hoay a.k.a Bossini
Hoay Yee a.k.a Padini
Me a.k.a Gucci
Siew Ling a.k.a Nike
Jane a.k.a Radioactive
Gan a.k.a Adidad
Small Gan a.k.a Prada
Ying Bin a.k.a Body Glove
Terk Wah a.k.a Guess

I am glad to have a great year of 2008 and I hope I manage to do better in 2009. Kai Chur. Jia yOU!!!

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