Saturday, March 14, 2009

MAZ 2009

mr.bear n kaichur
daddy n i..Full look

daddy,jie n i..where is new mummy?

yen..the wheelchair girl n i

amy n i...
With Zhong Weng

My daddy, JunHong

Phew..finally i have time to upload my latest news. Well, was busy with my assignments and choir practice this few weeks. I just had my Malam Anugerah Za'Ba or more famously known as MAZ last friday night, that is on the 13th of March. It was a special night for all the people in my college. A very happening night. We had it in the Putra International Convensyen Centre. It is a very grand hall where big function are held. I love the place. Nice..

well, i did not have a very nice and attractive dress on that night. Well, due to my plump cute little body, i could not find any nice dress. So's really time for me to keep fit..haha...well, took a lot of photo that who wish to view can view it in my facebook. See ya...will update more when i m free to do so..

Friday, March 6, 2009

Suei week

I am home now! Fu yOh! It’s really a great busy week for me last week. It was the week for our college grand project, Citrawarna Za’Ba. This is a big project where involved all the Za’Bahan. We have a lot of gerai along the road in Za’Ba, we have game station for the visitors, not forget also, we have Cultural night for 3 different races. We, as Chinese, were busy with the preparation of our Chinese cultural night. We had our practice and practice and practice for the Chinese Cultural Night.
Chinese Cultural Night (MKC)
Finally, the cultural night arrived. We prayed hard so that the night will be as smooth as possible and hope that that night will not rain. It was a great weather in the afternoon. We were so happy. We started to set up right after the Malam Kebudayaan India ended at 12am. We put up the back drops and all the tanglung of the surrounding But, I have just hurt my hand, so I am like a “orang Kurang Upaya”, seniors prohibited me from doing anything. So, I have just stand there and help to stepped on the wayer that they wanted to cut. Haiz…that is the only way I can done my part. Then, Ah xiong who knew that we are going to wake up at 5am to practice dance forced us to sleep. So, I have back to room at around 1am and slept. I woke up at 5.15am. I was late. However, we have expected, so everyone was late except for Mei Wan, ShuLIng, Li Ping and Chin Ling. Haha..however, we have practiced our dance and passed the stage to the “che ling” members. So, we went to sleep again. I slept until 11sth in the morning and started to do my assignment. Went to have our make up session at around 2pm. Then change our clothes and do our hair. So, around 4pm, we had set up everything, for the fan dancer only. The sky started to turn black in colour. We were so worry. We really hope that we could have our performance in Balai Za’Ba, thought we have plan B, that is when raining, we will do it at Dewan Nukleus. However, do it in Balai zaBa still our wishes. I prayed harder and harder and even asked help from my Buddhist friends. After rain for a while, it stopped. We were glad and smiles started to have on our faces. Everything set up, we started the programme. Our director, Mr.Kao Wei Xiang had his speech. Oh My God..his speech was full of laughter. Haha…I really “pui Fok” him. Though he is a banana, he is brave enough to speak in Chinese. I seclude you! Then we have our band performance, everything seems to go on well. However, suddenly, 1 drop of rain drop on my face, then the second and third and finally, it was raining cats and dogs. We have to bring the whole things to Dewan Nukleus. So, finally, we did it in Dewan nucleus. I had my dance on there. Both, the fan dance and the fire dance. Everything seems to go smooth there and we had our 24 season drums performance at blue court and multimedia presentation in the car park. Haha..Seniors said this is a very special cultural night where we have our performance in 4 different places. However, 1 very sad things happened, my best friend, Shin Yen was fell down during the performance and hurt her leg. I sent her to the hospital with Amy(who hurt her leg during practice too) before the whole show ended. She was very hurt and could not walk at all. Once we reached hospital, everyone looked at us. WHY??? We were so special. We haven’t clear our make-up and our hair as well. After registration, we went to wait in the consultation hall. This is my second time came to hospital in this week. OH MY GOD..wat a not unlucky week. I hate this week actually. We waited for a long time. Finally, it’s our turn. Shin Yen’s leg was quite seriously injured. Her bone was broken. So, she had to put on cement. She was so worry. She cried. However, she was very tough. Really tough. I seclude to her too. We had everything done in hospital at around 5am and lucky RongJie, Ah Yap, Eric and Kian seng came to fetch us. Thanks seniors. Then, reached college, accompanied Shin Yen wait for her father at IS. After sent her to her father’s car, I finally could take my bath and settle my thing. Finally, I slept at 8am. This is the earliest time I sleep.

Then, we had our test and assignments. For the whole week, I didn’t have enough sleep. I rushed my assignments until 4am. I was angry that those china students plagiarized and we have to re write our short story again on the spot. What the…I hate this. This is not the first time they plagiarized. Please lar..we were on the same boat but we put on our 100% efforts into the short story and need to do again. How angry I am? Huh!!! I almost kill people. Then, we have our test on Wednesday and shin yen has to come back due to that. However, it’s ok that there is a lot of people who help to take care of her. This is the first time I go to class by van. Haha…

I was very tired and very very very exhausted this week. However, I am glad that shin yen’s leg recovered…

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