Monday, June 15, 2009

Time in Teluk Intan..

haha...with our favourite post....
The traffic light angry d..hehe to work with u o..

Yaw Shen, ah sam dear future camp leader..

WIth Pangyi..whom i feel nice when work with him..
HoayYee a.k.a erjie, me, beesim, kooiling and our botak joo huat. I love to be with you all...
with botak joo huat...nice to have him to help in camp
Gan..and the pity doll..nice capture..miss the time u bully me..haha
I love to work with all of you..when will we work together again???

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

22nd Buddhist Youth Camp

Wow…after a long break, finally, here I am to update my blog. I was away for a camp. What camp? Come on, if you are teluk intan-ist, you will know. What???Oh yes, that is the Buddhist Youth Camp in PBHP. This is the 22nd Buddhist Youth Camp that held in PBHP already. Such a long history, such a memorable camp for me too. I am glad that I am here to join in this camp.
I was the camp leader of this camp. This is the first time I become a camp leader in my life. So, for those participant, you are very lucky, my first time, I share with you all already. Haha.. I was so nervous before the camp. As I mentioned just now, this is my first time become a camp leader, this is the first time I exchange role with SiewLing. Usually, in any camp, she will be the camp leader and I will be the leader of the singing and game section. However, this time, totally different. She is the member of singing and game section, while me, as the camp leader. I was so nervous. Luckily, there are a lot of kalyana mitra supported me and helped me a lot.
During this camp, I learnt a lot and I grew up a lot too. I had learnt how to manage a group without forcing each other while working. I learnt how to work in a group more effective. I know how to let other listen to me without shouting at them but talk to them nicely and tell them the reason why you want them to do so. I have learnt how to organize a game with the meaning behind it. I learnt a lot..really…
I love the part of when we work together as a team. I enjoyed preparing the game with everyone in the camp. The happiest thing is I can see the improvement in many committees and also the participants. That is what we hope to see as the objective of the camp. We want quality but not quantity and yes, we did it this year. Congrats.!!! Congrats to all the committee members. I love you all.
I love every program in this camp. Unfortunately, there were some programs which held in the afternoon I couldn’t join in as I was too tired and sometime I had to settle something for the gratitude night in my room. So, I skipped some of the programs. I didn’t regret, but I felt so glad that the committee members who in charged in the programs make them a success. I love the gratitude night a lot. The funeral. Oh gosh! It’s exactly like the real one. It made me think back and think a lot of things.
Kooiling, Thanks for supporting me all the time and persuade me to accept the challenge to become the camp leader. Without you ,I won’t be able to take up this challenge. BeeSim, thanks to you too. Thanks for always believing in whatever I in charge in. Thanks for being supportive all the time and teach me a lot of things. HuiSan, though you couldn’t join us in this camp, your spirit always with us. I could feel it. I am glad that you trusted me so much and always support me. HoayYee, thanks for being my best “er jie” and assistant camp leader and always support me whenever I need you. When I go to rest, lucky there was you who help to control the situation. Without you, I couldn’t have sleep during the noon time. Haha… Next, SiewLing, old friend, though you can’t join us till the end of the camp, like HuiSan, you always with us, so we carried on your spirit throughout the camp. BigGan, again..haha..just kidding. It’s really nice to work with you, I need not worry anything when I work with you. You will always do the best and usually more than best, so, I will just goyang kaki and makan popcorn.haha…thanks ya. Pangyi, LiChen,PeiWen,ZeHau,WeiHow, dearest mentors, thanks for giving your full support to the camp and lead your group with your full heart. I am glad to have you all. Pangyi, LiChen, ZeHau and PeiWen, I did see a lot of improvement in four of you. Keep it up. We work together again next year. Promise..k? YingZhee, ChuanYuan, YiQian, thanks for being the great singer and programmer in the camp. I did see your improvement. Especially YingZhee and YiQian. You both really improve a lot. Hope to work with you both again in the next camp. YawShen, YingHUi, JiekYing,XiaoWen,SmallGan,YinShia, JiaLi, My dearest kitchen committee. Without you all, we have no food to eat for 5days 4 nights. Thanks ya. I was so touched when YingHui told me that though she was very tired, she learnt a lot. That is what we want to see from those new committee. And YawShen, please be prepared, you will be the next camp leader. Haha…then, GinPing and Fong Kiean, thanks for taking care of our accommodation and also our bathroom. Without you both, we won’t be able to have such a nice place to sleep. WeiYuan and Yayung, thanks for looking at the PA System all the time. Haha…you both really great. I want to praise Yayung here, she is really as great as her brother, Pangyi, I never feel worry when I pass any job to her. Haha…Last but not least, our dearest venerable, Rev.Xian Yi and Rev. XianQi. Thanks for teaching me a lot of things. Enjoyed being with both of you.
I love to organize camp in PBHP. It always gives me a sense of belongings. I belong to this society. I belong to them. I love you all and I hope to work with you all again.

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