Sunday, September 27, 2009

Few memorable dates in my 2nd year 1st sem...

Well, there are few dates that I would like to jot down in my diary here.
This is a historical date. Why do I say so??? My journey of becoming the exco of PBUM started on this day. This is the day which I nominated to become the Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Seksyen Sosial of PBUM. I have been struggled for many days before I went to nominate to become EXCO. I have a lot of worries in me. I worried that I don't have enough time to handle so many things in once, I have lesser time to go home, I have no time to have outing with my coursemates and friends and so on. There are too much of worries in me. My heart divided into two parts, 1 part wish to become EXCO, another part feel so scare to take up the job. It continued until the day before nomination, I went to Buddhist House and had dinner together with Ji Chi Shi Fu. She had reminded me that there was a batch of seniors who brought me and guided me throughout the year, it's time for me to contribute to PBUM. Besides, I had a long chat with Zhi Ming, he did tell me a lot of things that made me feel that I should become a part of EXCO.


My brother's 17th birthday. I didn't plan to go home this week. But something pulled me back. I miss home so much. Thus, I went to buy ticket from KPS after the nomination and run back on that day. Luckily, I was back at home to celebrate my brother's birthday. Time passed...So fast, he is 17th years old now. He is taller than me now. A little boy had grew up to become a youth. Though the celebration was not a big one, yet, it's nice to be with family. I enjoyed and appreciate the time being with my family now.


Another big day in my university life. This is the day which we have our Annual General Meeting of PBUM. This is the day, I become the EXCO of PBUM. I am EXCO now.There is no way for me to step back. What i can do is look forward and stride the noble path with my team mates. I am sure we can make it and try our very best to take care of PBUM. YEAH!!!


CC trip to Pangkor. It's a nice trip to enjoy myself with all the CC members. I love you all. It's great to have you all with us. thanks for attending the trip. Without you all, the trip is meaningless.


Had dinner with shin yen's family and zhong weng. enjoy the time being together with them. Yen's parents are nice. Zhong Weng stayed in my house for 2 days. Sorry zhong weng for not giving u a memorable trip where I didnt bring you to visit to any place. But, Teluk Intan is really small where you can visit it within half day. Haha...Anyway, hope u did enjoy they time being with my family.


Attended a camp by PBUM. Where we started to take over the job from the ex-exco. It's a nice camp where I learnt a lot and know much about PBUM. There are a lot of things that I have to take care of. THis is a great chance for 13 of us, the exco, to gather and know each other better. Now, we are a family. Great!!! In this camp, I had a lao dou, Guo Xiang..THanks for teaching me everything about my post. I will try my best de, lao dou, dont worry^^..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A day...

I woke up early in the morning today. It was 6.05a.m. Some people might think that why am I wake up so early today?'s because I went to a Dana with my friends this morning in Brickfield Maha Vihara. This is my first time of doing such Dana since I entered UM. It's quite fresh for me. I had a long time never do Dana already. I love to do this again in the future.

Then, after came back from Brickfield, I went to the Miao xi group gathering in KPS. It's a nice gathering. KhangZheng and Chai Yu prepared well for their sharing. I felt so guilty as they had prepared it with their heart and yet I was not paying attention. I was too sleepy. Thus, my eyes closed automatically in certain time. Haha...however, i did manage to make it open again after all.

In the afternoon, went to Mid Valley to watch a movie with a friend. I watched "Imagine That". It is a great movie to watch. Recommended from me. It's great movie where it brings out the moral value of the importance of family members compare to career. I love the movie. It's great! It makes me think of my father who passed away. He used to take good care of me and my siblings and my mother as well. We are a happy family. Though he is not here right now, I can feel that he is around me, protecting me whenever I have any problem.

Then, when I reached college again, my friend, Kai Wen sms me and told me that he had finished compose the song that I gave him the lyrics during June. I was so happy. I love the song. It's a great song for me. It's what I want. I love the melody. Tears rolling in my eyes even i had listened to it for more than 10times. I miss you, my dear father...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



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