Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thanks everyone...

Thanks everyone...I'm doing fine now. I can actually do all the stuffs with my only right hand, Just, it needed a longer time in order to do it. The wound on my hand is recovering well with the help of my trusted ELKEN's product. I believe that i can perform the fan dance on this saturday nigth. So, please come and support me oh..haha...i am really fine right now. thanks for the concern from all my friends in 7th college, my coursemates, my seniors and not forget, my family. Oh ya, my daddy jun hong and mummy nana too..haha..thanks...
love you all

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i had had a bad night...

my left hand..going to hold this position for 2 days. 100%waterproof somemore. so, i will be doing all my stuff with my right hand only....haiz..

Wow..i was back from hospital at 3.45am today morning. nothing serious, just i accidentally cut my palm while i cut my fruit 1am just now. it's not that serious at first, but, the palm keep on bleeding non stop. so, my mummy nana decided to ask my best ever senior calvin to fetch me to the university hospital. so, we went to hospital and reached there around 1.30am. that time the bleeding was stop. so, i was thinking no need wait and see doctor, but calvin insists that i should have see the doctor. further more, we already reached there. so, i went in in did the registeration. after 15 minutes, the nurse called me to go into the consultation room. i was thinking, great, so fast. but, out of my expectation, she just checked my blood pressure and ask me to wait again. so, we waited again...i felt so sorry to calvin and nana, both of them are going to sit for a test today morning. I felt so sorry. I wasted their time. but they keep on telling me, it's ok, not a big matter. I am glad that i have you all as my seniors, who care and help me a lot. thanks. really thanks...sincerly from my heart.

around 2.55am, my name finally called by the nurse. i went in to see a malay doctor. he is cute. definately cute. he cracked a lot of jokes with me. haha..he said, it's quite serious where i had to sticth.oh my god!!!then i asked the doctor can i choose not to stich. he said ok.but have to glue it and it will recover not as soon as stitch. i said, ok, i went to put on glue on my hand. was pain and cold inside. and i felt scare when i pass by the wad. i hate to go into hospital. i first time went into hospital was when i was standard 1 where i got the appendix infectious. i have to stay in hospital for about a week to do operation and following up job. so, i had phobia on hospital. besides, i have been to hospital to look after my grandpa when he was seriously ill, and also when jidkun's grandma in the hospital. Both of them passed away already. i hate to go to hospital...

well, when everything is done, we back to college. around 3.45am we reached college.

Here i would like to thank to calvin and nana for accompanying me even though there is an exam in the morning. thanks...

Monday, February 23, 2009

A super busy week...

I am in a class right now. Mr. Bill Templer's class. Haha.. I wasn't paying attention since the first step I stepped in this class. Sleeping bugs flying all over the class. I couldn't stand anymore and was taking a nap just now. I on line and post my blog. Sorry , Mr. Templer..i didn't mean it. but, I was too tired and too sleepy..
This week will be a very busy week for me as the MKC is on this saturday night. I am performing 2 dances. But until now, the first dance not well prepared yet. The second dance I don't even start to touch it yet...SO, i was a bit worry right now. I scare that I couldn't make the perfect performance that night. I see all my friends worked so hard to make the event a success..but i seems like very free. Kinda of weird feeling ...I hope to help also..but i have a lot of assignments to send up next week. Test and so on coming...i was so sick with the late sleeping time. everynigth i sleep after 1am..very early..sigh..i have darker and darker eyes a panda...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh yes..i bought my MAZ dress

This dress cost RM199.90.i couldnt afford to buy,so,take a picture while testing..hehe..
Wuahaha..i finally bought my MAZ dress. Nice. I love it..but i love the one from NICHII more..haiz..but it cost i bought one just RM 97.30. It's double the's worthy i did so?hopefully. Haha...

walked for whole day, at first we have a dance practise at nigth. But it was cancel due to nice..i can do my homework and assignment now..hehe...wana see my MAZ dress..hmm..sabar lar..u will knw when the day come..wakakaka..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tired...tired...tired...a good sign?may be..

This was the very tired week for me. I have my dance practise for almost every night. Sometime, we will practise until 12am. Sometime even "earlier". Anyway, I had used to it and I had expected for it too. So, i accepted it happily. I had my choir practise too. That was the worse part. Choir supposingly a very enjoyable project and that is why at first I chose to join choir eventhough there were some seniors stopped me from doing that. Now, seems like, choir is not that enjoyable, is not that merry that I have thought before. I felt the stress,may be it is because the competition is around the corner. I felt the stress from the seniors. Sometimes, i would like to stop choir. Really..Because of choir, I have to sacrifice my Buddhist Class, Buddhist gathering and so on. I feel so sorry to my seniors in PBUM. THey hope i can join more activities organized by PBUM. But, i seems like disappointed them often. I am so sorry about it. HOwever, i would not stop right now. I will pay my responsible until the last moment, that is the compeption.
I am going to buy the clothes for MAZ this friday. I hope i can get something suit me. HOpe i wont gained weight after this...Keep fit..jia you jia you..hehe..

Friday, February 13, 2009

a long long post... has been a long time i never update my blog. i come to tell you all about me...
well, last saturday, 7th february is the best day for me. I went to dong chan shi in jenjarom. I went there with PBUM but back with Ah xiong. haha..This is the second time i went to dong chan shi, such a familiar place for me. I love the feeling of being near to the buddha. however, some of the people might think that buddhism is a religion that will try to make as much money when there is an oppotunity such as dong chan shi will sell many things to attrat tourist and buddhist to buy and donate money. Anyhow, i dont think that is a business. That is dana. If you willing to pay, you pay for it. Honestly, i have spent around RM 200 in dong chan shi that day. I didn't feel sorry or sad, but happy,from the inner heart. i took a lot of picture that day. I enjoyed photo shooting. haha..especially with the nice view there. Oh ya..forgot to mention. I met Beesim there. OH MY GOD!! this world is really small. I met her when i walked alone. What a surprise. haha..then i met with my previous principal in san min, mr. lim guan teck. i have a long time never meet with Mr.Lim already. Since he retired when i was form 5 until now. I was so happy to meet with him and glad that he remember me. haha...I trusted that there is the law of attraction in life. while i was walking, i was thinking that i hope i can meet with someone i know from my hometown and yes, bee sim appeared in front of me. Oh my God..haha...later on, shin yen and ah xiong they all reached around 7pm. we had a great photo shooting section there. nice photo.but due to the line here a little bit not stable, so, i cant upload the photo to show you all. please visit my facebook if you wish to have a look.haha..
8 of february, another meaningful day for me. The fan dance dancer and 24drums of 7th MKC were invited to perform in a function where the PGRM had it in Pulau Carey in order to celebrate Chinese New Year with orang asli there and in the same time do some cultural exchange programme. I woke up at 4am in the morning. i just slept at 1.30am. just 3 and a half hour of sleeping time for me. after woke up, we went to IS to have our make up put onto our face. This is the first time i make up like this. kinda weird. haha...i was surprise that my daddy junhong follow us to the pulau carey. haha..thanks daddy. then we reached pulau carey at around 10am. Have a welcome dance by the puak mahmeri orang asli, i love the dance. though it is kinda of scary, i love it too. then is our turn to perform, we did a great job. the same goes to the drums team. We won the cheers from the VIP and also the flash from the camera. haha..All VIP came to snap photo with us and 8tv crew record it too..But, in the same time, the performance of "che ling" is going on. pity the team as there isn't much people left to watch them as most of the audience had threw their attraction toward us. Sorry. hehe...then we have our lunch there, thanks daddy for taking water for me when i was desperate for it. haha.however i didnt eat at all as i didnt feel well. Have a long sleep during the journey back college. Finally, we had performed our dance and won a good evaluation. It's really worth for practising a day during last friday. haha
9th february. It was a public holiday. But i have to go for a gathering for Miao xi of PBUM. I was glad to join in the sharing of the Uniten students with us. they are really good in dhamma. I think i should learn more from them. the gathering in the afternoon was a good one too. it's interesting. haha...
12th of february. My first time giving talk in NS with zhi ming,my partner. QUite a good one. but there is still some space for improvement. though i felt sad as i couldnt attend the MIB and see my mummy nana sing, but i was glad that she felt happy and hope to join MIB next year. Mummy nana, i promise i will join with you! k?haha...received some chocolates dedication from friends and big hand. quite happy. there is a rose, don't know who give, but i guess is my daddy junhong. he said not him. so..still searching for the sender.haha...
today, i went to buy a printer with zhongweng at SS14, digital mall. RM165 i bought a printer with 3 functions, print,photocopy and scan. Quite cheap. cheaper than lowyat. hehe...then we have our job for nvc dedication in the afternoon. nice working with all nvc seniors. a happy experience. have a long chat with zhi ming and nana. i found someone that love buddhist hymms. oh yes.. i love buddhist hymms too..ahha..
tmr, valentine's day, haha..not a big day for me, i am still single and alone. so i will stay in my room to finish my homework and assignments. haha...
tat's all from me..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

CC reunion Dinner 2009

My jie jie,Ming Hui and I

with Daddy Junhong and Mummy Nana..Happy Family..

with Mummy Nana..

5 February 2009, a big day for 7th college CC member. What? not a big day? are's a big day for all of us. We have our reunion dinner tonight. Wow..what a big family. We went to the Restaurant New Paris in SS2 to have our dinner. We went there by bus. 2 buses and some cars(seniors drove). We reached there around 8.40pm and we have our photo shooting session. haha..i have my family photo with daddy and mummy. will show you all later. Then we have our dinner with nice food there. Hehe..ya..everything is nice, except the fish..abit..ahem...geli..hehe..Oh ya..the restaurant is kind of big one. It is a 4 storeys shop. When we reached there are a lot of people having their dinner there. We went to the 2nd floor to. While walking, i met with my friends from 12th college. What a surprise is there are many UM students there. From 1st college, 12 college, PKV and also us, the 7th college. Haha..very nice and memorable night for me. I love this night.

Special thanks to Daddy Junhong and Mummy Nana..It's happy to have dinner with both of you. love you both oh...hehe..HAPPY FAMILY

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i just found this song, 别再为他流泪 by Fish Leong in the internet. I love this song very much. This song i found it from the internet. It signifies the mood and the situation that I am facing right now. Don't cry because of him anymore. I have told myself not to cry anymore and yes, i did it. However, there is still a sense of missing him. I try to get rid of it and I have try my best to do everything i can do now to forget about him. I have promised myself. Not to cry anymore. KaiChur, you can do it. and you have done it..keep it up!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

the feeling of being cheated...

obviously, the feeling of being cheated is not a good one. it's a bad one indeed. I hate to be cheated. But i used to be cheated. May be this is what the bad karma of what i have done previously. I have been cheating many of my friends, my teachers and even my parent. well, this is the time to repay all of this debt.
I hate to be cheated, especially from the one i trust the most and i love. But, you have did it. My heart broke into pieces once EK told me that you have gf. GOSH!! who is the one who said there is no burden now, can go overseas to try out his luck? GOSH!!! DAMN!!! what the bullshit things you are telling me????I treat you as good as I can, I try to help you in anyway i can,I try to take care of you anyway as i can. But you? never realise. not even have a look on what i have done. Do you know why do i did all this things? Is it because of i am too free, i have nothing better to do? GOSH!!! I have been trusted you since the day i know you. I trust whatever you told me, I will take it serious whatever you told me. Really.
Well, i have told myself to forget about you 100%. we just normal friend. nothing much. Be it you go overseas or stay locally, i won't border. I will live my own life and be my ownself. I will be a happy one. I will....

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