Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I have been in Teluk Intan for almost two weeks. I am going to UM Youth Camp in the coming Monday. I have not done my homework for the camp. Kind of worry. Going to eat more than 100 pages of thingy. Buddha bless me. haha..
Well, went to watch 2012 with Wei Fong last Monday. It was such a great movie. After i watched the movie, I started to feel scare of the day. 2012, will it come and will it becomes reality?What will happen to me if the day come? Will I have a chance to do everything that i wish to do? Will I regret after all?I will not know. But that day, i went to DYC opening ceremony, Rev. Sampano had gave a very good speech on that day. I can get the point of live our life to the fullest as long as we still can breath. It's true. Many people will plan for their future but never appreciate the present. We will not know what will happen in the future, not even the next second. It is always better for us to live life to the fullest and appreciate the present.
This Tuesday, had a gathering with my former form 6 classmates. We had a steamboat gathering at Poh Loong. It's such a great gathering. It has been a thousands of years i have not seen Peck Geok and Sheue Chia. Finally, i met them during the gathering. We had such a big dinner that day.I ate a lot. My diet plan failed as well. Haha...But it is ok. As long as we all happy. Had my belated birthday present from Peck Geok, Sin Yee and Lay Ying. TSCL is back. I miss those time we were together. Still remember Peck Geok always made me laugh when we walked to canteen from our classroom. She had a lot of funny movement which made me laugh from my heart. Still remember that we love to chop body glove on each other. The time we play together is the most memorable one for me. After we went to University, there is no such happiness for me anymore.
This few weeks, was feeling so sweet and protected. Love staying in your heart^^

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