Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daddy Junhong's birthday~~ 24/4/2009 is my daddy Junhong's birthday. Don't misunderstand, this is the daddy in my college. hehe
TOday programme was planned by my new mummy, Qhui. I am the assistant.hehe...
Well, this is the first time daddy kena dump into kolam, i guess must be very syok and happy. right, daddy?hehe...i saw him like a koala bear when his course mate tried to dump him.'s real fun. But i didn't manage to snap any photo on that particular moment. What a waste.haha...
Hope this will be a memorable birthday for you, daddy. May all your dreams come true. May you and Qhui have a sweet sweet time. hehe...May you grow in wisdom and compasion. May you grow fatter and fatter and also healthier and healthier..
Happy Birthday ~~ daddy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sushi Bonanza..nothing much...

I just back from Midvalley. I had had a quite happy day today.So nice...

First of all, Zhong Weng and I went to KPS to deal with some NVC stuff. However, it's faith that she has to go to KPS again tomorrow. She brought the wrong letter there. So, it's time to keep fit ya..Ooong..haha...Then we waited my daddy junhong and my new mummy, qinghui at the library. We took a taxi to the Midvalley at around 10.20a.m.

10.35a.m. Reached Midvalley and ran to the Sushi King.No people yet, so we went to buy the movie ticket first. Oh Yeah! finally i have the chance to watch the movie i long to watch for such a long time, that is Shinjuku Incident by Jackie Chan.


Next, we had our lunch+breakfast in Sushi King...Oh Yes..Sushi BONANZA..what a so called bonanza,nothing much to eat. Maybe we were too early, 10.45a.m.. We were the second early customer there. So, we sat there, started with our one hour dine in time.

Yummy~~Sushi I love you...

My daddy~~Junhong

My new mummy, qinghui. What is she wandering ya?
Oh yes. This two fellows, fat d..but like to eat somemore..haha
This is waht i hope to eat for a long time but never eat.This is the first time i ate..YUMMY~~

These were what we ate..19 plates of sushi

After one hour of dine in time limet. We left Sushi King...

Oh..Sushi King..BYEBYE...

After that, we went to buy our stuff. We walked in two teams. Definitely, my daddy and new mummy surely walked in pair and zhong weng and i walked in pair. Zhong Weng and i went to buy our formal shirt. We went to Giordarno, Nichii, Romp, PDI, Padini...etc etc.. So many shops. We still couldn't find what we want. However, I managed to buy 4 pairs of ear rings with just RM 10. Haha.. I love the earrings. THey were nice. Oh yEs... i love it.

1.30p.m. Went into GSC. The cinema in Midvalley. Here the Shinjuku Incident started. I love Jackie Chan. I still remember i used to go to watch Jackie CHan's movie with my father when i was young. He love Jackie Chan. Thus, whenever there was any Jackie Chan new movie, He will surely bring me to the cinema and watch together. I enjoyed the time very much. However, I can't go to movie with my father anymore. He is not here anymore. I miss him. Whenever i watch any movie of Jackie Chan, i will have a very hard feeling. I still insist to watch it though i knew that i will have a bad feeling. I want to search the feeling when my father around me.

Shinjuku Incident. It is not same as what Jackie CHan used to do. His previous movie was funny and full of action which he conducted all the action by himself. This time he just did some part of the action. He died in the end of the story. Again, i think of my father. I felt the pain. Really. I know how it was the pain...I hate the pain.. I hate the pain that my father had. This movie is quite a cruel one. A lot of very very scary scene where i used my hand to cover my eyes and move my head towards zhong weng there. She was so steady. How good if i can be like her?haha..The movie has its own touching part too. I cried several times. This is the first time i cry when i watch Jackie Chan's movie. If i would rate this movie, i will give it 5 stars. It is really a great movie to watch.

After movie, after crying, we went to shop again. I have to accomplete my missions. They are buy a white formal shirt, buy a present for my friend, buy some daily stuff and buy a pair of new shoes. However, i managed to fulfill the first 3 things. I didn't buy a new pair of shoes for myself, couldn't find a nice one. haha^^

Then, we met with June and we came back to college. That is my day in Midvalley during study week. HOpefully after this i will put more effort in my study.

Study Study Study..JIA YOU KAICHUR!!!!!

I must do better and I can do it

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh yeah...I need a break...

Wow..after a super duper pack life for the whole week where i have to deal with all the assignments and tests, finally, 5 hours more, i am going back to take a break.
Within this week, i have done a lot of things. First of all, i finished 2 final papers during this week. I don't know what is my marks and so on. But, i did enjoy my class as the class is ended. I feel glad when the ESL is finished. FINALLY!!!!then kinda of sad when prof.G's class is going to the end. I learned a lot from Prof. G...Prof. G and I . I will miss you a lot... Dr. Aini, my basic Philosophy lecturer,who gave me a piece of golden advice before she leave.

This two lecturers will be retired after this semester. I felt glad that I am their last batch of students. Both of them are so responsible and i love to go to their class. I learned a lot from them. Thanks for the advices and everything. sorry for my wrong doing too...

Last Saturday, after my assignment, a stage play, with Prof.G, shinyen, zhongweng, feimian and i went to have our lunch in OldTown white Coffee with our dearest Ah siong...It's a great outing where finally I can eat something nice...haha..
What is the difference between this two coffee?
My favourite, Hazelnut white coffee
Shin Yen so beria-ia with her honey lemon I am enjoying my coffee..yummy..
Aha..this is our handsome Mr.Bear..thanks for fetching us...
Zhong Weng with her mee....

This few days, i suddenly love to take my picture again...Started to be syok sendiri again..haha..share with u all some of my SS photo..

SS photo 1...looks like i slim d?but i gained weight..this call technique...haha
SS photo 2..without specs...
SS photo 3..with my lovely specs...seems like abit serious...
SS photo 4..this is what called a PIG

SS photo 5...i love this friend said i look like a rabbit..haha

We just had our CC farewell at tuesday night..i was a touching one. Joseph gave me a handmade photo frame where he put the photo of him and i...Ah Siong too...gave me a present. I am glad to have such seniors. Not because of they give me presents..But they did help me a lot during my University life. WHenever i need help, what i need to do is just text message them. They will try their very best to help. I am glad that i am in 7th. I love you all.

*no photo for the farewell, as i am one of the ursher, so i cant take bad..

Will update more bout me later on..maybe after my exam...FINAL..GAMBATEH!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009




爸爸 你在何方?
远方的您 可否看见

感恩您 感谢您
辛勤工作 赚钱养家

我疼您 我爱您
努力向上 精进向善

Greetings after a long pause...

Hi everyone! Miss me? It had been a very long time i didn't upload my blog and update my news. Sorry for that as I was busy with my assignments, competition, presentations and also tests. Well, i have a lot of story that i would like to share with you all. Let me share by using photos.
First of all, NVC photo shooting session. I woke up at 6.22am that day. Walked to the place opposite DTC to take these photos..NICE? not sure...

Zhong Weng and I in our formal shirt. I gained weight again...

With yen..too tired after waiting for a very very very long time....

When is our turn to take photo?sleepyz....

Choir COmpetition. we got the 4th placing. Though disappointed, we deserved it. I know why. after choir competition, went to KFC and celebrate. NIce experience and thanks to all the seniors who worked hard to make our performance that day a very success one.

THis is my position as Alto I, beside me ZuDian(right), Lesley (left), PeckHar(behind)
With Mummy NaNa..the prettiest girl in 7th college

Everyone become crazy and take photo non stop.
San Yee, PoPo and Sam Kao Fu came to support me that night too. I was so happy to see my San yee. Miss her so much. Haha...The next day night i went to have dinner with my aunt and my cousin sisters.

Once the choir competition ended, i have an entrepreneurship Day the day after that. Our group own a stall named SPLENDID 46 and we sold sushi bread roll, Inai drawing, chinese craft and kacang. We earn money. nice experience...It is me, busy attracting custormers to my stall. the red colour shirt girl is Joanne..

My group members. SPLENDID 46
Inai drawing on my hand..nice..i love it..Thanks Sangi..
Ugly photo taken during ugly time in ugly place by ugly people....
After all, i have a super pack timetable where we have to come out with a play, then have to act out the play. This is a big project to me as i scored quite bad in my test. I have to earn my marks here to cover what i have lost.
Not forget also, to mention about the camp that i have attended during 27-29March in YBAM by the MiaoXi of PBUM. I was lucky enough to be selected as the one who take care of our honourable Reveren. This time, Rev. Ji Chi was the speaker. She is a great speaker. HOwever, i felt so sorry to her and guilty as i didn't pay much attention on the talk. Instead, i slept in class. I am so sorry, Rev.Ji Chi. THis world is real small, Wei Fong, my ex-neighbour,who is studying in USM currently, we wet each other in YBAM where she has another camp there too. We was so happy and excited. I miss her so much. haha..
Sorry, cause i don't have any photo of the camp to upload. haha..

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