Monday, July 27, 2009

Two activities done...

Finally, two activities had done. I feel much release now. No more frequent meeting now... I can enjoy my night in my room again. hahaha...Yesterday was a nice day for me. Not really day, it's actually the night time is the nice part. We had our college CC supper night yesterday night.The food was OK, i was eating with those who are vegetarian. Well, i hope to eat pork, but because of the amount of people who want to eat vege, i have to join in the table. anyway, after surveying, i found that mine is much more better compare to those who eat meat. Haha..kind of proud. Though it was tiring, i felt so happy for it yesterday night. WHY???haha...i also don't know why. haha....well, it is kind of release as we have finish two big activities of CC. However, there are still a lot of things to come ....I have to work harder and do the best for the coming activities. I can do it. Yes, i can.
Oh yes, i finished my first assignment in this semester. Haha..finally, after struggling for almost 3 days, finally i finish it..HAHAHA...there will be a lot of assignments to come...I am waiting for it. ..ngek ngek....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Meeting phobia....

I have found out that i have a kind of sickness recently. I have meeting-phobia...I really scare of the word--MEETING. I have a series of meeting in the past week. During last week, there was not only 1 meeting each day, but 2 to 3 meetings in a day. I felt tensed up when i receive any message that call me for a meeting. HOwever, that is my job. I have to pay my responsibility. I have to work for it. I knwo what can i do now is to find the medicine for this sickness and recover as soon as possible. I have a lot of things to do soon. I have to be tough. I am tough and yes, i am really tough. THat is the real KaiChur...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A meaningful Wednesday and Tiring Thursday...

22/7/2009 (Wednesday)
Today is a special day. Why is it so special? It is the day for the talk by Bro. Law Chu Hian which is one of the program under PBUM MSK. I was so worry on the amount of people that will turn up in the morning. I was so surprise when i once stepped into the auditorium. Oh GOSH! such a big auditorium. It makes me feel even worry. If the amount of people turn up just less than 10, how?However, i was glad that there is at least 30people who come for this talk. Bro. Law Chu Hian is really a great speaker. Well, i was proud of him as he is my super duper duper ex-senior of my course. He is really a great speaker. The talk is so meaningful and i do learn a lot from this talk. I have learnt how to live life in a better way. That is i have to be satisfied with whatever i have now. THe more i can appreciate, the better the life i have. It is true! Though i know this theory since i was in my hometown until now, i never practise it. today's talk is the greatest talk that i have ever attend. Meaningful and not dull at all.. FOr those who attend, thanks for your support. I love to thanks to bro law chu hian too...He is so kind and so great. He did not mind on the attendance and still carry on with the talk even there is just a few people. then he did a great job during his talk where he make us laugh and laugh and laugh and he gave us a lot of information. Let us have a second talk again soon, k?
Many MSK AJK sick already...MSK AJK, must take good care of yourself oh...I still need you all to help me in MSK camp and MSK charity visit. I lOVE YOU ALL!!!

With daddy and Law Chu Hian..

With Bro.Law Chu Hian

a very very tiring day. Was having class from 8-12.30..then have a nap and went out with yen to midvalley to buy something and then attended the NVC gathering. We had a great gathering with all the seniors and juniors in the secret recipe. Wow!what a nice thing to have. miss all of you!we did have a great day out there....

Zhong Weng, Yen, and I
It's time to makan....
Yen and I....

I love this pic so much...
My chicken cordon bleu...yummy~

THe cute bear that i give to my dearest neighbour chia sing
Our Ex-director a.k.a camera man that nite...keep on snap photo

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I watch Departure again..

Today is the happiest day once i came back to KL since the last travel back to home. I was having brunch with ah siong, Zu dian, Meyi, Roger and Siew Chong..Well, from the name list, i am the only junior. haha...Well, it's nice to have brunch with all of them, the "old" ppl. Haha..we had a very long conversation. I have learnt a lot from them today. Unfortunately, there is something sad happened, Ah siong's car kena saman. Haha...pity siong...
Then, i came back to college and went out again with zhong weng to midvalley to watch movie. We planned to watch Departure on 3.35pm. When we reached Midvalley, it's already 3pm. So we rushed to the cinema and found that there was a lot of people lining up to buy ticket. Luckily, we managed to get the ticket on 3.40pm then we run into the cinema. the show was just started. PHEW...The Departure is really a very very nice story. I watch it twice already. I love it. It brings a lot of meaning to me. It makes me think of my father. I was so bad that i did not walk forward to see my father before he was being sent into the coffin. I scared...After that, i miss him. I was so regret that i didnt touch him for the last time and i did not kiss him. I miss him.. i really miss him...where is he now??i was chatting with my aunt just now via MSN. We were talking bout my kaijie's convocation. THen we discussed bout my convocation then, i said, how good it is if my father is here. He will attend my convocation with my mom..I hope both of them can see me graduate. But now, only my mother can attend my convocation. .....
LIfe is really impermanance. Appreciate what you have now and appreciate the moment you earn. Love everyone ....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is in my mind???

What is in my mind?
I don't know
At first,
I have the most energetic voice
and most confident heart
I said that
"Even it only has 1 participant, I will continue to do it"
But now,
There is no participant,
What a sad news,
My heart was broke and full of disappointment
Kok Siong, Ya Kin and all the residents in Xiang Yun
help us to call the participant one by one
THanks a lot.
I felt that I am so useless
Useless in the sense that i let go so easily
While others who are not the organizer help up
I should have take up the job to call
Not them
While me sitting in my room,
Don't know what to do
Am I coward or Am I irresponsible???

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am Back...

Back in UM, it signifies that my busy life starts. Was at home for 4 days. I got a more than enough rest at home. However, once i stepped in KL, i could feel the heaviness of my legs that they do not want to step down from the car. I knew that once I stepped into 7th college, my challenge starts,but i have to face the challenge.
I do not know what happen to me this few days. I feels so tired to do anything. I have hurt him again, even his grandmother just passed away, i still wana hurt him. I am really bad. I knew that. But, i have done it. I can't move back. What daddy say is correct, though i have promised daddy that i will forget the old one and try to accept the new one, yet, i did not do that. I don't know why. Just could not drag him out from my heart. He is like sticking in my heart by using the elephant glue.
Tomorrow will be a brand new day ahead. I can do it. Right? i know i can. And i believe I can.
p/s: would like to congrat chungszuan and ke sin, haha..happy coupling...have a sweet sweet couple life.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Am I coward or Am I bad?

I was thinking, am i bad or am i coward?accept a people isn't it very easy? i don't think it is hard. but when it comes to me, it becomes very very hard. THere is always a people that stick in my heart. since i know him untill now. I don't want to be unfair to another one. But, sooner and later, i got to choose. I don't know why i can't accept other people. Deep in my mind, i used to have a mindset that if he is the one who ask me to accept him, i will 100% accept him without thinking. But, when comes to another guy, it becomes hard. I don't know why. I know i have hurt you in many ways. I am sorry for that. Hope you did read my blog. Here, i would like to say sorry to you. I don't want to do that but it is the natural me. I am sorry.
Back to my home sweet home. it is always the best place for me to stay. i have a long nap today and have a nice sleep yesterday night. Once i back to KL, i didn't sleep well at all. this is the time for me to sleep and restore my energy to go for a longer journey after this. I have a tougher jouney ahead compare to my first year in UM. It is definitely harder. i knew it. so i have to be tough and work harder. I know i can do it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Accept and Do the best!

I have just elected as the vice head of the CC in my college. I was not really willing to take up this pose as i have a lot of activity this year.I have just set my planning that i will be joining less college activity and focus on my academic and also PBUM. That is what i hope in my 2nd year. But now, i can't do that anymore. As the vice head, i have to involve myself in the CC meeting again. What the....though cc is my second home, yet i not prepare to be the MT of it. I just want to be a simple family member in this big family. Can't I?Many seniors msg me and convince me to take up the pose and they say i can make it. But i don't think i can at all. I m not that kind of person that can multi-tasking. I feel vr tired now. helpless...however, thanks to all the seniors who suppported me and also my friends that always with me. Especially my roomate, shin yen and my daddy, junhong who always at my side and gv me support mentally and physically. Thanks...
i have already accepted the challenge and i will do the best. KaiChur, I CAN!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Feel so tired. Full of class and activities. Sometime i do not know how to make decision. College activity and Buddhism activity both equally important for me. How to choose among both of this?
I have a very sweet dream yesterday night. I did not want to wake up at all. How sweet it is. I dreamt of you. Though i used to say i have forgotten you, i did not. You have a very important place in my heart. Because of this, you used to become the measuring tape for me to choose others. I know that it is unfair to other people and my daddy used to scold me because i like to compare you with others. I am so sorry. i also do not know why you have such an important place in me. it was really a super sweet dream for me yesterday night which i do not want to wake up ...i do not want. i hate my alarm which wake me up. i hate it
i have a very pack day today. I found that this sem is harder and tougher for me. I have not improved my grammar yet during last semester break. this is my own fault. Why am i so lazy?i was enjoying my life during the whole holiday,it shouldn't be like that. i should have finish revising the whole grammar book that prof g give us. this is due to my laziness. haiz..

Monday, July 6, 2009

MSK~Jia YOu!!

Just back from MSK Training and Preparation Camp for all the AJK. I am the leader for the programme section. It was a great camp i should say. I gained a lot of nice experiences there. I miss the time too. At first i was reluctant to go back to kl just for this camp. I was not staying at home for more than 1 month. Mom started to complain. I have no choice, so i came back on the 22nd of jUne..HOwever, everything was great here let me feel that it's worth it for me to come back earlier.
Next week will be our MSK d. All the AJK, must jia you oh!!! remember, stress is the best power for us to move forward. Jia YOU!!!

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