Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~April Fool?~

Wow..so fast, it’s mid-April now, which indicate, I am going to the end of my second year in University of Malaya. It was too fast for me to accept and yet it is a truth that I have to take it. When I flashed back all those memories I had in University of Malaya, it was just a minute ago. I touched on the ground of University of Malaya on 29 June 2008. Oh My God..It was two years ago. Once again, I looked at myself, what have I done during these two years? I have a lot of new friends. Yes, it is undeniable; I have a lot of friends during these two years. But, how many of them are true friends? I am not sure yet.

Was great that during this 2nd year 2nd sem, I had a great group- The PowerPuff Girls-..Our mission is to save the world..haha..We don’t have such power to save the world. But we are trying our best to help our participant in our AR class and also work hard for our CALL project. Eh..i forget to introduce who is in our PowerPuff Girls…hmm..let’s start with the first cool girl, Ms.Tian Zhong Weng a.k.a Blur Puff. She has a blur blur face any time, any place… Secondly, is our Ms. Amy Yu Shi Chia a.k.a Creative Puff. She was a creative dancer, but don’t know will be creative dancer again or not.haha… Next will be our Curry Puff, Ms. Marina Melissa Ng. Haha.. she was given Curry Puff as her puffies’ name because she love to eat curry puff so much. Follow by my roommate, Tan Shin Yen a.k.a Silent Puff. She always silent during our discussion but she is never silent in our room. Haha… Not forget, our Turkish Puff, Nermin Tunci, who come from Turkey. Hehe… Eh..seems like I forget to introduce myself, I am Curly Puff..haha… I am glad with my puffies here. We had a camping in the lobby to finish our assignment together, we had nights with lots of jobs to be done and we had a lot of great time together..

PowerPuff Girls

With Dr.Jessie after the CALL project and expo.

Went to watch a dramma by my buddy's buddy in Jaya One with Oong and Yen Yen. Love the show. this is Thanusha, one of the actor??actress??haha..

It’s my study week now. One more day to go is my first paper yet I have not started with any notes or books. This semester, I had a very special study week. As usual, my study week started with a movie and sushi. I went to sushi bonanza with Zhong Weng and we watched “how to train your dragon” before our sushi feast. This movie inspired me a lot. For me, our thoughts are those entire dragon which controlled by another big dragon, which is our heart. There is no limitation of food that the big dragon need. It eats up all dragons which do not bring any food to him. Our heart, too, hungry all the time and there is no ending for any hope. One after another, non-stop. While the main character( I forget his name), he is the hero who killed the big dragon. In our real life, who will be the hero? For me, my answer is, ourselves. Only we can kill all worries, all not needed hopes and so on from growing and expanding. Yet, how many of us can really make it? I couldn’t make it at all as I still controlled by someone and something. I was glad that at the end of the movie, the main character which is so fragile managed to kill the big dragon and trained all other dragons. Human and dragon finally can live together happily. This is a good ending. Isn’t it?

achievement of the day.

love this picture so much..


Why my study week so special? Because this is the first time I have my study week at home. The first ever time after I entered university. Before this, I refused to study at home because I couldn’t concentrate. This time, it is proven that I really cannot concentrate and study at all at home. What I have done is just merely eat, eat, eat and eat. Now weight gained and I am working on reducing the weight. This is one of the consequences. Another is I did not touch even a book or a note at all. This is a great achievement of mine. My cousin sister said that I am “sampat”. But I think I am steady instead of “sampat”. Haha… During this study week, I watched the movie I longed for a long long time with someone I hope to watch with. However, a dream has been broken after this movie. A fragile heart broke as well. Ok..back to the topic, which movie I wanted to watch so long? It is “ Ice Kacang Puppy Love”. Supporting this movie is not merely because it is made in Malaysia, but watching it with a people you admire so long is definitely sweet. Nonetheless, I did not have the sweet feeling after all. I changed to become a heart broken day the next day.

Ice Kacang Puppy Love which is not sweet at all though I imagined it will be very sweet.

This is the third time you have been fooling around and give me all those nonsense reasons after that. Have you ever thought of my feeling before you do all these? Do you know that you are the one that I trusted so much where every word you uttered, I will believe it is correct and sincere? I was happy for the first two hours where you ask me the question. But after you back from dinner, same thing happen again, and same reason again. I don’t know why I am so stupid to trust you for so many years. I have been waiting for years, but what it gives me, a don’t know how’s future answer. I will remember what you told me and I will change myself. Not because of you, but because of myself.

Well, tomorrow will be my exam. Best of luck for myself and hope you will get well soon.


tomato` said...

That's why sometimes .. dreams should remain just that. Dreams =\

KaiChur said...

Calvin: yea...indeed dreams should always remain as dreams then it won't be disappointed at all...

chuanyi_mystory said...

nice blog!

Lai Yoke Wei said...

kai chur~
juz drop by to gv a comment..
wow long post..but interesting!

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