Thursday, May 6, 2010

~Exam Ended = Half-way of my Degree life~

My 2nd year officially ended on 5 May 2010, 10.30a.m. at ARAS 1 Bangunan Peperiksaan UM. As usual, we had our class gathering after exam. This sem, we went to RedBox to Sing-K..haha..this is the first time i have my K-session in KL since i entered University. It was a nice experience for me. We were enjoying ourselves that day. Had songs from ABBA to Lady GaGa then have dancing from Sorry Sorry to Nobody. haha..I was shocked when I saw Park singing and dancing.. Wow...he can sing and dance..that's what came into my mind during that time. Haha..He is such a cute guy. We were dancing crazily in the room. Wow...can you imagine?haha...
I missed the last semester K-session. Luckily i didn't miss it this semester. I had a great time. Thanks to our PR June who deal with all those handsome people in RedBox to give us a great service. Not forget also Nicholas. Without him, we have to squeeze in a medium room with 17 of us..haha..Pity little Timm who was sitting on the "baby chair".haha...
What have i done during my second year? A very good question for me to think of and think hard. What have I done beside those assignments and activities? Did I learn anything or grow up? Yes, i did. I have become a better Kai Chur now. At least, I know what i do and i know how to handle everything well. All these do not come in a day or two, but after a long term of training. Rome is not build in a day. Same goes to me. I learned from every little things that I have gone through. Every single moment in our lives, we are learning. It's true and it is undeniable truth.

Let's give those things in my life some awards.
1. The Bussiest Job Award = Being a Exco of PBUM
2. The Most Unwanted Moment = When mom is not feeling well
3. The Most Heart Brokening Award = The only moment when my heart was torn into two for the third times.
4. The Happiest Moment Award = Everymoment which I have live my life to the fullest.
5. The Best Group Award = of course, The PowerPuff Girls lar..
6. The Best Memory Award = Working together with PowerPuff Girls and UMA.
7. The Best Movie but Make me sad Award = Ice Kacang Puppy Love
8. The "Best" Lecturer I ever meet = Smelly Garbage Flower
9. The "Best" examination = My most ethical paper
10. The Best Day = Everyday..

Guess that's all from me..
Have to sleep d..
Good night everyone^^


Marina Melissa Ng said...

We wouldnt have been a great group, without ur effort as well. You have been a great leader and will always be. Thank you for everything. I am sure everything will go on, stay strong. I will miss u, i know i will. hurmm..and also puffies.

KaiChur said...

haha...u make me cry lar..mel..hmm..thanks to u o being with u all..the best group i have found in TESL so far..hehe

Marina Melissa Ng said...

hurmm.yup me too~ ;)

Anna aka Bell Bell said...

Smelly Garbage Flower... ahhahaha....

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