Saturday, March 6, 2010


These two months, i realized that having a healthy body is very important in life. There is nothing more important than health. I was in UMMC with my mom when she was doing her medical check up last week. I saw many people struggling and were so ill from sickness, heart was cold when I viewed this scene. Suddenly, a big hammer was hamming onto my head and telling me it's time for me to wake up and being alert on what i have done before this. I was not taking good care of my health.I like to eat fast food, like to eat instant noodle, like to sleep late, like to eat junk food and so on. These are not healthy lifestyle. When I see those people suffer from illness, i started to worry about myself. will i be the one who is suffering in Hosp soon?Yes, if i don't take care of my health, i will definitely be the next to sleep on the sick bed. I hope i can change my lifestyle soon.

Well, during these two months, many thing had happened. I met a boddhisatva, whom i respect most and feel glad that i know him. He is one of the senior in PBUM. He is such a great person who help me a lot. Thank Buddha that he is here on time. haha..Thanks a lot.

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